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Thread: Parking in Florence for 6 hours with full cars of belongings

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    Cool Parking in Florence for 6 hours with full cars of belongings


    can you please help me, could you recommend me some safe/guarded parking in Florence? Near city center. We will come with full car for 6 hours, we really need guarded car parking. Car will be full, not only in trunk. We will arrive at 9 am on Friday to Florence and our accommodation in San Gimignano will be prepare after 4 pm. So, we want spend time in this beautiful city Florence.

    Another question. We will come with 1,5 old kid. Is it easy to move around the city walk/public transport with stroller?

    Thank you for your hepl.


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    Ciao Pea,

    You can definitely move around easily with a stroller, although there are still many streets with the old cobblestones that are not all that level and might be a little more difficult to move over. But generally, streets are pretty smooth. We move around fine with the stroller with our 23 month old in a stroller.

    Now, as far as the car goes - I understand the problem, since it also often happens to us when we travel that we can't check in until late in the afternoon and have a car full of belongings. I suggest spending the money for a safe parking garage, one where there is someone there. In this case, I'd recommend one in the center, such as http://www.florenceparking-oriuolo.com/ - contact them ahead of time to make sure of the streets to get to them, since there are many one-ways. Also ask about the ZTL, whether they will communicate your plate to the police so that you don't get a ticket for entering to reach them. I don't know rates, so you can search for other similar ones like this - private garages would be better, as the public lots are not manned at all.
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