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    I will be traveling to Florence in the near future and was looking at the 7 day bus pass and the bus routes. I see that the Line 7 goes out to Fiesole, which I would like to visit. Does the pass cover the whole of every route shown on the route list? Or are there restrictions on how far out of Florence you can go?
    Many thanks for any info.

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    Yes, the 7 day bus pass would cover Fiesole and any of the routes listed on ataf.net within city limits and those that go into the surroundings. It also covers the tram line within Florence and catching any trains within Florence, if you want to go between these stations:

    Firenze Rovezzano – Firenze Campo Marte – Firenze Statuto – Firenze SMN – Firenze Rifredi – Firenze Castello – Firenze Le Piagge – Firenze San Marco Vecchio – Firenze Le Cure - Firenze Porta al Prato.

    If you want to go further out on other lines, by having the pass you might get a discount (or not) but generally the companies are different so will request their own tickets.
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    Many thanks for your comprehensive reply.

    Cordiali saluti,


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