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Thread: Disabled access to ZTL in Florence

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    Default Disabled access to ZTL in Florence


    I am traveling to Florence for the first time from 28 April to 3 May. I am in a wheelchair.

    I am staying at Grand Hotel Adriatico, VIA MASO FINIGUERRA, 9, Florence.

    While in Florence we want to hire a car to travel on day trips to Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca. I understand there is a ZTL area in Florence. Is it possible to get a permit to use the ZTL if disabled and in a wheelchair? How and where do I organise this?

    Kind regards
    Lauren Jackson

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    Default Access to ZTL


    If your hotel is within the ZTL zone - then you can get in and out with no problem. Just let the hotel know to send your lisence plate number to the correct authorities. Let them know EVERY time you come into the hotel (having used your car) and they will send a message to take that car off of the potential "ticket" list.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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    Also contact your hotel to ask whether they have parking (private garage) nearby that would offer valet service or their own parking (I checked their site and it doesn't seem like they do). You can get access to the center seeing as you're staying downtown (and asking for them to send communication to local police every time you return to the hotel) but the harder part will be parking. Hopefully, they will have a private garage nearby with which they have a convention (meaning set rates for your daily parking) which should be the most convenient for you.
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    Hi Lauren,

    Ok, so here's how it is...

    I don't know how you came to choose Hotel Adriatico, but you chose perfectly. Let me explain. You are within the ZTL, and yet are on one of the very few streets which cars are allowed WITHOUT special ZTL permission (basically the road running to the station SMN from the north, Via Nazionale, and the road leading away from the station to the south). You don't require any special permission to drive there.

    But wait, it gets better. You also happen to be right next door to one of the largest car rental outfits in Florence - Noleggio Maggiore/Amico Blu- and within 30 yards of the main car rental hub in central Florence - Borgo Ognissanti. You are right there where Herz and all the others are.

    A few of the rental firms have their cars/garages right on Ognissanti and I am sure that should you need a place to park they will allow you to park it in their garage. Otherwise your Hotel will be another option, but they may try to charge you (and in all likelyhood your car will quite possibly spend the night in the exact same garage of the car rental firm!!)

    Last point- don't rent it for the time you are in Florence. A car is no use in Florence.

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