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Thread: Unfortunate reschedule of October 2020 trip

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    Question Unfortunate reschedule of October 2020 trip

    It's beginning to look like my wife and I will not be able to take our trip to Florence and Montepluciano this October due to the restrictions. Given what you know now, would you recommend rescheduling for May 2021 or September/October 2021? I know that no one knows where the world will be then but from a "best time to visit" which would you recommend? Thanks

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    Are you traveling from the US? If so, it might be wiser to schedule for a later trip to anywhere in the EU. Apparently COVID is getting worse in the US. It is going to take some time to bring the case load down to an acceptable number that will allow for safe travel. Host countries that have managed to flatten their curve need to be very careful to avoid recurrence. One HOPES that travel might be back to "normal" by late next year.

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