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Thread: Be aware of the thief-BEST AND FAST CHANGE

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    Default Be aware of the thief-BEST AND FAST CHANGE

    I was in Florence recently and needed cash and tried to used the ATM in front of Best and Fast change office, but it wasn't working, so I used their service for cash advance. When asking about their provision I was told by their employee (a young girl with long curly hair) that it will be approximately 5 EUR for the amount of 250 EUR. I accepted and after that I was given a receipt (Acquisito valuta) for the amount of 292.15 EUR. Of course I reacted immediately and the explanation was that the so called service charge of 14.9% was the maximum estimated charge of our own (macedonian) bank, because they don't know how much our bank is going to charge us. After the transaction with our bank will be finished, our bank should recalculate this with the exact percentage of service charge. In this case, the service charge of our bank is only 2% or 5 EUR in total, instead of 37.25 EUR (0.149 of 250 EUR). When I came back home and asked at my bank I was told that they are not familiar with such situation. I have sent several e-mails to Best and Fast Change, but they didn't answer to any of these. So, I want to warn all tourist that are coming to Florence to avoid BESTA AND FAST CHANGE offices, since they are very unprofessional and they present a real shame for the tourism in Florence and broader.

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    Bibi - I'm really sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience with this change office. It is unfortunate that they decided to prey on someone that was looking to use their services. A service charge of 15% sounds really high.

    Can you tell us where this Best and Fast change office was located so that we all know to steer clear of it?

    My recommendation for anyone using ATMs in Florence and Italy in general is to always use those of the big banks - you will be able to recognize them because they are everywhere. In Florence, Monte Paschi di Siena and Banca Toscana are two of the bigger ones but Italy has thousands of smaller banks as well that you can trust. ATMs always give you what you request to withdraw, leaving extra charges up to your bank.... if there is a charge for using their ATM, they will tell you right there and then. I understand you wanted to use an ATM but instead used the change office because it was convenient - but to anyone in downtown Florence, know that there are many banks and ATMs in the historical center so if the one you want to use is not working, walk a short block or two and you'll find another one.

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    Default Best and Fast change are thieves! DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE

    Dear Forum: I had a large amount of cash to exchange, and this office has ROBBED ME OF 150 EURO!
    I accept the idiocy of not checking at the time, and i have contacted the company. I doubt that I will get a reply, I see that there is some fine print on the receipt with more or less the amount they have ripped me off.
    How can a place like this stay in business? I was "taken" for this amount, PLUS the 30 commission, obviously the "nice" teller knew exactly what he was doing, I did question the amount but I did not take the time to figure it out, and I am a well traveled person, I can't believe I let this happen.
    DO NOT USE BEST AND FAST CHANGE IT IS A TOTAL RIP OFF They draw you in by advertising a lower rate and then charge you a high service rate, OF 20%!! plus A FEE OF 9 EURO
    I have been taken. DON'T DO THE SAME.

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