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Thread: Do you need reservations for fall travel?

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    Default Do you need reservations for fall travel?

    Planning to spend a week in Tuscany in early October 2015 (25th anniversary!). My husband hates the idea of having to plan every step of the way. We will have a car. Do you think we need to reserve ahead or can we just show up "at the door"? We have already seen Florence and Pisa so we will base ourselves in Siena and do day trips for 4 days, then head to the coast and work our way north to Lucca, followed by Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera (heading into Spain after that).

    Also, I hear the weather is pleasant in early October, but is it still shorts weather in the daytime? I guess we should bring an umbrella just in case?

    Lastly, will there still be signs of life on the Italian Riviera? I'm glad to be missing the crowds but it's still nice to see some "action."


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    What a wonderful way to celebrate 25 years together, congrats!!

    I don't think you have to plan every step of the way, but accommodation is one you should plan ahead for. I suggest one central place for the whole week and let the rest be unplanned. You can have an idea of going here or there, but once you're here you can go day to day and decide in which direction to head or to stay put and explore the local area.
    It isn't customary here to just show up, there are no signs hung up showing vacancy. You CAN reserve last minute, but you'll spend precious time looking for what is available and making calls - or using internet and your choices are limited to those who use those channels. So I recommend taking a look and choosing a place you think looks nice and leave all of the rest up in the air, if you don't want to plan any further than that ;-)
    So since you already have an idea of staying in Siena and Lucca, look for something in both places and book that, then leave the rest to once you're here.

    Early October is still quite nice as far as weather, days are still quite long still so you won't be getting short days yet. Umbrella would be recommended, there can be some showers for sure - this year October was less rainy that either July and August!
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