Hi everyone. I've been planning my Italy trip in May, and this forum has been very helpful, especially Lourdes. I will be spending 4 nights in 3rd week of May in the Val d'Orcia region with a rental car. As a landscape photography enthusiast, I plan to drive around the region to capture photos of the landscape. I should think the landscapes will look the best around sunrise, sunset and golden hour ( after sunrise and before sunset). Mid-day the light will be quite harsh, and might not make for the best pictures ( though of course the countryside is still beautiful).

I need some help from you to advise me on which areas will look the best at different times of the day. For example, Podere Belvedere at sunrise is iconic, but other places around the region could also look good. For sunset, I have read that the sun disappears behind Montalcino fairly early, so I can't really get a sunset with nice foreground, except if there are colours in the sky after the sun sets. Baccoleno would look good before sunset with the golden light? The towns themselves would look good in blue hour, with the lights contrasting against the blue sky. Hope people here can help with their tips! Thank you so much.