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    So,i love, love cachi (the persimmon fruit) and would like to find places where they grow and where I can pick them. I read a lot of info on line and it seems that Italy produces a lot of cachi (persimmons). Could you please help me to find these places, festivals, markets where cachi are in abundance. I know they ripe in mid October so I am planning to travel to Italy at this time. And of course, wine, olive oil, chestnuts and other festivals is a huge plus during this time of he year. Thank you in advance for any help. PK

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    Ciao PK1,

    Sorry for the delay in replying but I had to do some research to reply in a more knowledgeable manner

    I know cachi/persimmons (also called diospero in Italian or spelled kaki) but don't particularly love them, maybe it is just because I haven't learned to appreciate them yet!

    While they are grown in Tuscany, the regions that are major producers are Emilia (to the north) and Campania (to the south of Tuscany), Campania being the bigger grower (particularly around Naples). Sicily in a smaller extent, so Tuscany is not even in the top list.
    For that reason, I was unable to find any festival whatsoever in Tuscany dedicated to this fall fruit.
    I searched and searched for festivals (sagre) even in Campania and wasn't able to find anything to share, sorry to not be able to help with more info!
    Where to stay in Tuscany? Read this if you will have a car and this if you won't!
    When is the best time to visit? Make sure to read this!

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