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Thread: Coronavirus in Florence & Tuscany - UPDATES

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelpep View Post
    Aloegator - once you get there please share your observations on this thread. I don't want to cancel my trip, but it seems where there is illness, I catch it. Roatan has the Norovirus going around and I got it and had to be put on the plane in a wheelchair and went to the ER once I got home. I am older, 67, but usually in very good health.

    Lourdes - as always, thank you for your response. Please keep updates coming. Thank you!
    Hi, We just got back from Italy. Overall the virus didn't affect us very much. Mostly everything was open and the food and people of Italy were great but I think we were just lucky. It seems that during the last few planned days of our trip things began to get very bad in the country and our hotelier at one point tried to force us to stay in our room. Meanwhile in Rome outside people were walking their dogs and eating at corner cafes. We soon booked a flight out cutting our trip short a few days to get out of there. The airport in Rome seemed like we were fleeing a war zone with crowds of people trying to get out. I can't imagine what it's like now. Sadly I think the whole world is going to have similar problems.

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    I hope that everything will be okay in a few months...
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    We hope so, too. This is a pandemic that is in every single country in the world and hopefully, if we manage to not keep getting each other sick, we can make it out soon. It is still early to tell but the numbers in Italy seem to have reached a plateau and we hope they will keep falling over the next 2 weeks.

    In the meantime, stay safe - by staying at home!
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    I am planning a trip to Florence in mid-July. While we are excited to see the museums (again) we would also like to do some shopping - mainly leather. Will shops be open again? I can find lots of information on opening of museums, but there is nothing about shops or restaurants.

    What is the situation like? Will there be shops open or should we push the trip back a few weeks?

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    Tab is think you should go for your trip. I am sure you will good time there like Aloegator had. I don't think so shops will be close because government every where is in under pressure to open everything because of economic conditions. Go there and take care of social distancing at your own.
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