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Thread: Day trips from Florence on a Sunday in November

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    Thanks Lourdes,

    Yes we are all set with just staying the 2 nights. My brother and his wife stayed there a few years back and they had kept in contact with her. I think she is normally closed so she is letting us stay for just 2 nights instead of the 3 because we have a large group!..

    Also when you get a chance maybe you can suggest some wineries in that area that you think we should go to.
    We plan on visiting Siena/San Gimignano since it looks like they are pretty close to where we will be.

    Best Regards,

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    That's wonderful! You'll basically take over the place then, it's a plus that you're here in this season when everything is a little quieter and will get the place for yourselves. We're enjoying really mild weather for the season, aside from the rains... although to be honest, Florence has seen little of those so far.

    From the site it seems you'll be really close to Gaiole and Radda... which makes it really hard to recommend one winery over another. I'd highly recommend you ask your host to recommend ones near to where you'll be, I am sure she'll know which ones are the best and which ones are open or closed on specific days. When we were in Radda, the small tourism office pointed out the ones that were open on that specific day we were there for example.

    A trip to Siena and San Gimignano sounds really good. Siena is quite different from Florence, so you'll be able to see how medieval Florence used to look like before the Renaissance played a hand in "modernizing" it
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    Back from an amazing trip to Italy, weather was fantastic especially for late November nearly sunshine everyday except for 1!

    Here's a little update!

    Love Florence, such a great place to just walk around and take it all in! Did a few different things in Florence that I didnt do last time like the Boboli gardens which I really liked - great views of Florence from there. And our trip to Tuscany was amazing, the B&B is fantastic I would highly recommend it - Borgo Argenina Borgo Argenina - Tuscany Country Inn . The owner Elena is great, we had dinner with her, where we participated in preparing it, basically a cooking class, and she gave all the girls a cookbook with the recipes we made! Food was outstanding. I was glad we rented cars cause it gave us a chance to really see the beauty of Tuscany, although slightly challenging driving a Van - haha! Made the mistake of actually driving into Siena - and barely made it out with the narrow streets, etc. - haha! Went to Siena and San Gimignano, and other small towns - Radda in Chianti, etc. also went to a few castles (Castello Di Brolio was one of the castles that has an amazing view, you purchase a ticket for touring the castle plus a free tasting), wineries (although many of the wineries were closed which was the only slight dissapointment...).

    Thanks again for the suggestions!

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