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    We are travelling in July and will be about 7KM from Figline Valdarno and want to use the train to get into Florence but I have been unsuccessful in trying to see what the train times are from there to Florence to see about connections to other places out from Florence .. each time it shows that I have an 'invalid' arrival station???? What am I doing wrong? Or, can someone point me in the right direction to view the train schedules from Figline Valdarno to Florence? Thank you.

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    Sorry you're having problems with the trenitalia website, you're not the only one, it isn't that user friendly!

    My only suggestion is to try again, because I've tried to post links here to searches but then the link doesn't work so my tip is this... start typing the name slowly and wait for the suggestion window to pop up so you can select the right station. AND type destination city as FIRENZE otherwise it won't find Florence. With Firenze, there will be several choices pop up... select Firenze S.M. Novella or "Firenze tutte le stazioni" to get the widest selection.

    Happy searching!
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