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Thread: Itinerary advice please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lourdes View Post
    If you do rent and drive down, then have to return at the airport, don't worry, it is doable. At that point you might want to organize yourselves differently, maybe dropping off everyone with luggage close to the train station and then only one person dropping off the car - otherwise more people and luggage to get back downtown.... or just all head to airport and then take a taxi downtown (there is fixed charge of 20 euro plus 1 per piece of luggage). You might find these two links helpful:
    There is also a shuttle from the airport to SMN station, you can definitely do that as long as you give yourself ample time to get from car rental parking back to airport and from there shuttle to downtown. Taxi would be faster. But at 6 euro per person, that's already 24 euro - so practically the same or little less than a taxi (depends on how much luggage you have).

    Driving down, definitely spend the day between Lucca and Pisa - maybe the morning and lunch in Lucca, the afternoon in Pisa. Just once you know where you're heading for the night, let them know you'll do a late check-in, particularly if you choose a family-managed farmhouse to stay at as reception hours are limited - give yourself more time than you think you need, so you won't feel rushed.

    On a day trip to Florence, from wherever you are staying but depending on how far out of Florence you are, you can either 1. drive to a train station nearby and ride that in into Florence 2. drive in and park at Piazzale Michelangelo and then walk down into the center or 3. park further out and then take bus or tram into the center - see this article for parking suggestions: http://www.visitflorence.com/florenc...-florence.html
    Thank you for your insider knowledge. The taxi luggage fee is useful to know here, we were challenged with that in London a few years ago. It will only take time to reach NZ.
    We have been in a transportation dilemna last week to train/drive/fly my head was full of alternatives leading to confusion. The good news (I think), is that we have decided to train to Marseille, overnight and then train to La Spezia - long days but my husband wants to have the experience of the European train journeys which are recommended (mmm). Then when we leave the Cinque Terre we will pick up the rental car to journey on to Tuscany. The car will be full but the travel is not far so we can manage, flexibility outways any discomfort.
    We hope to stay in the Chianti area, I want rural ish rather than a large town/city, havent started on this yet though.
    The time frame here is tight but we will maybe need to prioritise what to visit?
    The stay in the Cinque Terre is perhaps long but we will use this to see outside of the cinque terre ie Portovenre or ?
    Anotherpossible transport alternative is to return the car to the Rome airport as we all fly out of there. I may have to get a shuttle etc to the airport as we are leaving later in the evening so giving us another nearly full day in the city.
    Does this sound as if it is coming together.

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    Default Down time

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaDenise View Post
    As beautiful as CT is, I would actually suggest you cut back a day or two there and invest them more Tuscany and exploring the countryside there. This way if you stay the two days in the city Florence (highly recommended) then you can spend a bit of extra time on the other destinations - - plus maybe some "downtime" at your base. Many people go through all the trouble to select this beautiful place to stay but then they are so busy travelling that they don't get any time to relax and enjoy it.

    AND. It seems like you have some serious travelling to get home so you might want to chill a day in a romantic Tuscan setting before heading home. AND. June has been extremely warm in the last few years...almost down right hot so a place with a pool might be the perfect way to chill...think a glass of Tuscan wine and maybe an in house cooking lesson....

    Buon Viaggio.
    I agree we need to have some downtime, the cooking class sounds interesting. Even a wine tasting session would be rather enjoyable (we will have a sober driver). I mentioned to the others to shorten the CT but they are interested in travelling further afield while we are in the area. However it will be only visited by train or boat.
    I think the killer of the journey will be from Nabonne to the CT, over 2 days.
    I am also investigating an opportunity to have an italian dinner with a family. Evidently this is available?
    Thank you very much for your suggestions.

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    Red face The ducks are lining up

    Well this holiday organisation is like a long journey over mountains. However we have taken on board what you have said and found a day. We will have 7 nights in Tuscany now and will fly out directly from Rome.
    Car is booked from Cinque Terre. Accommodation working on. Now next will be the itinerary, what places we should see and do.
    thank you for all your help.

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