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Thread: Moving around Tuscany - 4 days in early Nov

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    Default Moving around Tuscany - 4 days in early Nov

    Hi there, We would like to arrive from Rome to a place in Tuscany by train in early Nov and use that as the base to travel around for 5 days. We would like to hire a car for these 4 days before leaving the car and taking the train to Florence. Some places we are thinking of are Siena, Pienza, Lucca and perhaps Montalcino - if there are better places than these pls let us know.

    I would like to know:

    * what is the best town to use as a central point and stay for 4 nights/5 days. Are we better off staying in a place like Siena and just making day trips or staying in Siena for 2 nights and travelling somewhere else by rental car and then taking the train from there to Florence?

    * Are hire cars available near train stations? Prefer not to carry bags and going into the town to find hire cars.

    * Is the weather ok in early Nov to drive around or we better off using trains (do not like buses!)

    Thank you - in anticipation of your early reply.

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    Default Moving around Tuscany - 4 days in early Nov

    for your holiday you could choose to stay in Sovicille, a little country village from where it would be easy to reach Siena (13 km), Montalcino (50 km), Pienza (65 km) and Lucca (120 km).
    If you like travelling by train, you could get the train from Rome to Siena (you have to change in Chiusi), then hire a car and move to Sovicille; the place in Siena where you can hire a car is not too far from the station - at about 10 minutes minutes walking distance.
    It is difficult to say how the weather in November could be, sometimes we have sunny days but it could also rain.
    If you need more informations, you can contact us by mail at info@prolocosovicille.it .
    Have a nice holiday!

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    Default November in Tuscany


    November is such a lovely time in Tuscany. This year the temps have already started to dip and the fall colors are more and more prevelant.

    Sovicille is definitely a lovely little town - laid back where you can get a good feel for the culture, traditions and beauty of Tuscany.

    Montalcino is a bit a bit bigger - and busier, but the city is enchanting.

    Pienza is much like Montalcino - very suggestive and perhaps even smaller (but not as small as Sovicille )

    There are several pick-up/drop-off points in Florence for a car rental however, as for the other locations it can be a bit more complicated. If you pick-up your car in Rome and make the trip up to Tuscany (very easy with the main highway) I would suggest two days in or near Siena and then two days in or near Lucca.

    Here are two links for possible day trips from those two locations (the day trips from Siena are good if you stay in Sovicille as well)

    Lucca: https://www.discovertuscany.com/lucc...und-lucca.html

    Siena: https://www.discovertuscany.com/sien...rom-siena.html

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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