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The Best Day trips from Siena (even without a car)

12 Places to Visit from Siena

If you have decided to use Siena as your base, then you are getting going to enjoy the active city life of a town filled with traditions, folklore, incredible monuments and churches and a romantic atmosphere.

Accommodations in Siena?

Siena is an ideal base for exploring all of Tuscany, especially Valdorcia and the southern areas. Click here to find a villa rental, vacation apartments or hotel

Finding accommodations in or near Siena will put you in an interesting position to visit so much of Tuscany. Even if you travel with public transport you can still reach many interesting places on a one-day trip from Siena. We have compiled a list of places reachable by public transport in less than two hours from Siena and links to our articles about them. Look below for some useful information and links for getting around with public transport.

In addition to these cities and towns, you can also include a day of wine tasting with several itineraries that include areas like Chianti, Brunello, Montepulciano, Arezzo and Orica DOC.

Here are our 12 suggestions for day trips from Siena

Even the big cities like Pisa are easy to get to from Siena

1 - Pisa

You can reach Pisa by train in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Trains run approximately every 30 minutes and you will need to change in Empoli. Leave early morning from Siena, walk around in Pisa, have lunch and then go see the Leaning tower at Piazza dei Miracoli before taking the train back to Siena in the late afternoon.

Read our recommendations for Pisa here.

2 - Florence

With a day-trip to Florence, you will be able to visit the Uffici, walk over Ponte Vecchio and see the Duomo from outside. However as Florence has so much to offer, we do recommend to spend more than one day. From Siena, you can get to Florence by either bus or train.

Visit our detailed site about Florence here.

BUS: Buses leave from Piazza Gramsci in the center of Siena. There are two different buses; Rapida (fast) and Ordinare (ordinary). The Rapida, line 131R, is a non-stop line between Florence and Siena lasting about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Ordinare, line 131O, stops in two villages on the way and thus takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The busses usually leave two times an hour and do have adequate storage space for luggage.

TRAIN: If you travel with small children you might find the train more comfortable as there is more space for the stroller and for them to walk around. There are two trains per hour, one is direct and takes you to Florence in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The other one takes you to Empoli where you will have to make a train change and the whole trip thus takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.

3 -Montalcino

Montalcino lies on a top of a hill. You can get there by bus number 114 in just one hour; however, it does not leave very frequently. The bus is meant for nurses working at the hospital in Siena and mostly runs early morning and in the afternoon and has a lot more connections on weekdays than on weekends, on Sundays hardly any. Always check the timetable for both going and returning before setting off. Montalcino or even of the rather recent entry,

Read about Montalcino here.

4 - Buonconvento

Small Groups go Wine Tasting

A full-day guided tour from Siena explores the cellars where these incredible wines age, includes a traditional Tuscan lunch and leisure time in the village of Montalcino before visiting the mystical abbey of Sant'Antimo.
Check times & Dates

A fantastic addition to a visit of Montalcino - do both on the same day. This small yet charming little town offers quaint streets for photo opportunities, wonderful little restaurants, and a lazy laid-back atmosphere.

It is easy to reach Buonconvento by train and this village makes a good trip out of Siena. The trip takes around 25 minutes and trains leave approximately every hour. From the train station in Buonconvento, you can walk to the historical center in just 5 minutes.

If you are driving, you can definitely do some wine tasting nearby and around Orcia DOC

More Information about Buonconvento here.

Between Montalcino and Siena, the town of Buonconvento

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5 - Monteroni d’Arbia

There are several possibilities of reaching Monteroni from Siena. The train towards Buonconvento stops here as well as bus 112 towards Montepulciano and 114 towards Montalcino. The train takes 12 minutes and the bus around 25 minutes.

Or you could walk to Monteroni d'Arbia, and hike a piece of the via Francigena, read how to here.

6 - Asciano

The charming village of Asciano can be reached in just 30 minutes and trains leave every hour. Get off at Asciano M.O.M (Monte Oliveto Maggiore) and you will be just in the center of the city.

Read our itinerary suggestion for Siena to Asciano

The Crete Senesi are an enchanting landscape close to Siena

7 - Colle di Val d’Elsa

This beautiful hilltop medieval city is best reached by bus. The Bus Ordinaria (131O) to Florence stops here, it takes 30 minutes and it leaves approximately every hour. The bus station is in the lower part of the city from where it is easy to reach also the historical center on the top of the hill.

Read about what to see and do in Colle di Val d'Elsa here.

8 - Rapolano Terme

Want to spend the day in the hot springs? Go to Rapolano Terme – it’s easy. You can reach Rapolano with either train or bus, the ride lasts around 40 minutes and both buses and trains leave approximately every one or two hours. The bus is number 107 towards Sinalunga and it leaves from the train station.

Read more about Rapolano Terme here.

9 - Monteriggioni

Touring on a Vespa

Explore the Tuscan hills & Chianti with a Vespa scooter on a day trip from Siena. Under the watchful eyes of a guide and tour escorts, ride in a convoy, heading to a Chianti winery in the lush Tuscan countryside. Tour the vineyards and cellars, sit down for a wine-tasting session, and then relax over an ‘antipasto’ lunch before returning to Siena.
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Distinguished as one of the most important walled castles in the territory, Monteriggioni is definitely a great place to add to your itinerary.

This beautiful castle town can be reached by bus from Siena. The bus leaves from Piazza Gramsci and the ride itself is just around 20 minutes, but you will need to walk the last kilometer to the castle - uphill. Catch bus 130 towards San Gimignano (leaves every one or two hours) and get off at Monteriggioni Scuola.

Read more about the castle here.

Monteriggioni, a quaint little town with medieval fairs & markets near Siena

10 - San Gimignano

Sunset in San Gimignano

San Gimignano and its unique skyline and landscape are magical after the day’s crowds have dispersed. During the sunset, dine in a beautiful farmhouse overlooking the San Gimignano towers and the rolling, vine-covered hills.
Add some Romance in San Gimignano

Who can resist the towers of San Gimignano, an echo of yesteryear and the battles that went on between Siena and Florence?  The town offers many activities and sites that can easily fill up a full day - plus several amazing restaurants.

In one hour and 15 minutes, you can reach the popular destination San Gimignano. The direct bus 130 leaves from Piazza Gramsci approximately every one or two hours (but not always so do check). Another option is to catch 131O toward Florence, get off in Poggibonsi and change to 133 to San Gimignano, adding around 15 minutes to your trip.

Read our recommendations for what to see and do in San Gimignano here.

11 - Montepulciano and Pienza

Day Trip from Siena

Experience the heart of Tuscany on this guided small-group tour day trip to the charming towns of Pienza and Montepulciano. Explore the beautiful towns, enjoy lunch and taste Pecorino cheese on a local farm!
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Combine these two amazing towns as you travel the picturesque landscape south of Siena.  Walk the Via del Amore in Pienza, taste the pecorino cheese or head towards Montepulciano and its underground wine cellars. 

As the train station of Montepulciano is located about 10 kilometers away from the historical center, we recommend taking a bus there. The buses are 112 (stops in Pienza on the way) or 139 (continues to Chianciano). The trip lasts approximately 1½ hour. In general buses are few, and in the winter it may be hard (or even impossible) to find a bus taking you back to Siena, so we recommend only to go in the summer (June-August). However, do always check the timetable before leaving.

Read more about Pienza and Montepulciano.

Pienza in Valdorcia is a panoramic drive from Siena

12 - Castellina in Chianti

Day Trip from Siena

Experience the feeling of grapes under your feet and discover the secrets of winemaking during your 4-hour tour and a homemade lunch with a wine-tasting session at a 200-year-old villa. (From late August to mid-September, grape picking is also involved on request).
Stomp on Grapes

Castellina in Chianti and its ancient medieval fortification is best reached by bus number 125 which leaves from the train station in Siena. Visit the town, the museum, the nearby Etruscan tombs and maybe a vineyard.

In the morning there is a bus at 7.35 and the next is at 11.20, but from then you will have a bus approximately every hour. In the afternoon there seem to be fewer buses (approximately every second hour), so remember to check the schedule beforehand.

Read more here.

Chianti is a close and panoramic day trip from Siena

Enjoy your stay in Siena as well as its beautiful surroundings.

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Useful information and links

In general, we recommend that you leave Siena in the morning and return early or late afternoon as connection often are few after 7 pm. Furthermore, be aware that Saturdays and especially Sundays may have very few connections and that summer season has more connections than the winter.

More day trips from Siena to explore Tuscany


Buses going out of Siena leave either from Piazza Gramsci in the center of Siena or from the train station (see below). Tickets can be purchased underneath the bus station or at the train station. For an updated bus timetable see here:


The train station in Siena is situated about 2 km north of the city center. It takes around 15 minutes to walk and it is downhill. Alternatively, you can catch a bus from either Piazza Gramsci or Piazza del Sale which will take you there in 5 minutes (e.g. number 3,9,10 or 17). You can search the train timetable here: Tickets may be purchased at the station by the counter or in the machines.

Always remember to validate your ticket by getting it stamped in the machine either on the platform before entering a train or inside the bus as you enter it.

Author: Helle D. Rasmussen

Helle is a Danish citizen currently living in Siena with her Rwandan husband and their one-year-old son. She has lived in several countries around the world and loves to explore every part of the place she lives. She is in the process of exploring Tuscany, especially Siena and its surroundings, and would love to pass on her experiences.


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