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Thread: Public Transport to Mugello Race track

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    Default Public Transport to Mugello Race track

    Hi there,

    can you recommend public transport routes to the Mugello autodromo for the italian motoGP(by train, bus, shuttle bus). We will be staying in the historic centre of Florence. Are there any direct bus services from Florence to the autodromo that can be booked in advance?

    Thanks, H

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    Default train and bus are the best way to get to the Autodromo del Mugello race circuit

    Ciao H and welcome to our DT Forum!

    The 3 days of the Italian Moto GP at the Mugello race circuit are a real event for the area. The event is very well attended and many lodgings in the area are booked months in advance for those 3 days.

    If you'll be staying in Florence, then you have more choices as to accommodation. The easiest way to get to the Mugello autodromo in any case is by train and bus rather than by car, as the roads get quite congested and then parking problems arise as well.

    You get to the race circuit by taking either a SITA bus all the way from Florence to Scarperia or by taking the train to either San Piero a Sieve (3km from Scarperia) or Borgo San Lorenzo (5km from Scarperia).
    From both San Piero a Sieve and Borgo San Lorenzo train stations you would then take a AMV bus (still part of the SITA network) to Scarperia, the race circuit is right alongside the town, no way to miss it.

    You can check the bus schedules from here:
    but here are the direct links to the pdf schedules:
    Florence-S. Piero a Sieve-Scarperia: line 303 - http://www.amvbus.it/orari/303.pdf
    Borgo San Lorenzo-S. Piero-Scarperia: line 304 - http://www.amvbus.it/orari/304.pdf

    You can find train schedules at: www.ferroviedellostato.it

    Sunday is the most attended since it is the actual race day and Trenitalia has generally offered additional trains on this day as well as free shuttles from Borgo San Lorenzo to the Autodromo and back to Borgo.
    I wasn't able to find references as to shuttles from the San Piero a Sieve train station but it is likely the same one (the road from Borgo to Scarperia goes through San Piero).

    I am not sure how far in advance you can buy tickets for the buses, as soon as you get into Florence you might want to stop by the train station to buy tickets.

    If you're coming with a large group and prefer to rent a private minibus or shuttle, these companies offer the service.

    Autolinea SITA
    bus rental (pullman) tel. 055 4782260 – 055 4782247
    offices and main depot located on one side of the SMN train station at
    Via Santa Caterina da Siena, 15r – Firenze

    Autolinea CAP
    bus rental tel. 055.214637

    Florentia Bus
    Via del Progresso, 6
    50032 Borgo San Lorenzo (Fi)
    tel055 8490505

    Giotto Bus
    Via Brodolini, 7 – Loc. La Madonna
    50039 Vicchio Mugello
    tel055 844321

    Hope this information has been helpful! Since our site is still a work-in-progress, we hope to use this forum as the best place to ask specific questions not yet available on the site. By posting here, we make the information available to everyone that might be searching for the same answers .

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    Am I able to catch a train or bus from Florence Airport to get to Mugello Moto GP race track on the day of the race? If so where am I able to purchase tickets? At the moment I am in Australia.

    Thank you

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    Default Mugello Transportation on MotoGp day

    Dear laura1978,

    First I'd like to ask you a question: at what time do you arrive at Florence Airport?

    I'm asking this question to understand if you will be able to actually see the races. In fact, the 125cc race starts at 10.45 am (local time) and the GP race starts at 2.00 pm.

    You have to consider that the Mugello gets really chaotic on that day. People come from all over the places to attend this great event. And we are talking about thousands and thousands of people gathering all together in the same point. I personally have experienced that chaos in the past

    If you read our previous post above, you see several solutions to reach the track. Unfortunately, there is no direct connection from the Florence Airport to the Mugello race track.

    When you arrive, you need to go to the Florence central train station, Santa Maria Novella, and then take the train to Borgo San Lorenzo. It takes 40-70 minutes, depending on the route it takes. Trains to Borgo San Lorenzo run every hour. Then from Borgo San Lorenzo there is a free shuttle bus service to the track. Time is not predictable in this case, because it depends on traffic.
    Otherwise you can take a taxi from the airport to the track, but it is going to be really expensive and still time is not predictable since you might still get stuck in traffic.

    I hope you better understand my initial question. Depending on your arrival time, you can consider if it's worth or not going there. Just to give you an idea, the total trip - assuming all connections will be in time and perfectly matching - is going to be:
    Florence airport - Florence central station by bus or taxi: about 20-30 minutes
    Florence station - Borgo San Lorenzo by train: about 40-70 minutes
    Borgo San Lorenzo - Mugello circuit by shuttle bus: 20 minutes
    So if everything goes well you need at least 2 and 1/2 hours to go from the Florence Airport to the track.

    Did you consider arriving the night before? In this case, it's more realistic to plan to go to the Mugello circuit on Sunday.

    Well, I hope my suggestions are helpful and don't hesitate to come back with any other questions you might have.
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    Default mugello motogp

    Hi, is it possible to camp on the circuit for the whole 3 days of the mugello motogp?as i won't have any transport and i anticipate it being manic-hotels,trains,buses etc full-i thought to not miss any action,it would be easier to camp there.what do you advise?do they allow and cater for this?

    thanks darren

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    Default Mutello Moto Gp

    Dear Darren,

    Yes, you can camp inside the Mugello race track.

    The circuit is surrounded by Tuscan countryside and has a lot of space for camping. During the Moto Gp weekend is very busy and you'll see many campers and tents all over the places. In addition there are parties and other events all weekend.

    If you intend to camp you have to bring with you all the equipment for camping, because you won't find it in the circuit. This means you have to bring with you tent, sleeping-bags, towels, etc...
    Regarding food you can easily find something to eat in and outside the track. The main town is within a mile walking. Just keep in mind that in the circuit eating and drinking can be very expensive, so you can go to local supermarket and grab something .

    There are special tickets for the "Prato" as we call it. I suggest you take the 3 days pass for Prato. It costs about 140 euros.

    I hope I answered your questions and helped you planning your trip to Mugello Dont'hesitate to come back with any other request.
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    Default Mugello information

    Hi All,

    I am thinking of staying at a hotel in Scarperia for the motogp race. How long do you think it would take to walk from hotel dei vicari to the race track?

    It says on google earth that its about 4km to the gate but obviously this doesnt include how hard the terrain is and also walking to the grandstand.

    Also, would it be hard to catch a cab half way to the track and then walk?

    Maybe hiring bicycles may be an option?

    I understand it will be really busy on the sunday so trying to cut down travel and also dont want to add to the congestion.


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    Default Walking to Mugello Race Track

    Dear tashaperthwa,

    Walking from your hotel to the Paddock entrance, that is the nearest one, is about 2.5 km. It takes approximately 30 minutes walking.

    It's not a difficult walking. You have a couple of climbs, but they are not too hard. It's a nice walking surrounded by Tuscan countryside. Of course I suggest you wear snickers, or any pair of shoes you are used to walk with. But consider that you're going to walk not hiking

    Finding a cab can be difficult, but there will be shuttle buses going back and forth from the entrance to parking lots and other places in the city. They are generally free, but sometimes they can ask for a small contribution (from 2 to 5 euro per person). You can ask at your hotel where to catch them or ask them if they offer shuttle services.

    Regarding hiring a bike, I personally don't recommend it. You can easily walk. If you are going to hire a bike you have to worry about finding a good and safe place to park it. You have to find a place where it won't get stolen or removed by police. I'm not 100% sure, but you can't carry bikes in the circuit. I also have to admit that I prefer much more walking than riding a bike

    I hope I answered your questions. Don't hesitate to come back
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    Hello! I am very happy that I found a forum that you can get information how to get to the circuit!

    I have read the whole thread and I have some questions!

    We booked in this hotel Hotel Astor, we flight to Rome and we have rent a car for our transports!
    We are planning to go with train & bus to the circuit because of the traffic problem those days!
    I saw the trenitalia.com and wrote "Departure: Firenze" "Arrival: S. Piero A Sieve". Am I right or I should write another departure station?
    Here I can see that the bus leaves at 7:48 (the train that we want to take arrives 7:46),
    is there any way we can buy the bus tickets on line so we dont have to wait and lose time to buy the tickets there?
    Here are the train journey. We will buy the 1st choice which arrives @ 7:45 so we can take the bus (it is possible or the bus station is far away so we must take another bus @8:05 for example)?

    Thank you very much!!

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    Welcome to the Forum!
    Train & bus are indeed the best way to reach the Mugello race track:-)

    Taking the train from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella train station you need to get off at San Piero A Sieve station, and from there take the AMV bus to Scarperia; the circuit is right next to the town and can be reached on foot.

    As to the bus tickets, you can conveniently buy them at one of the newspapers kiosks within Florence’s train station, before taking the train to San Piero a Sieve. In this way you won’t lose time.
    You’ll find the bus station right in front of San Piero a Sieve train station, just few steps away.
    So, if the train from Florence will arrive on time, you shouldn’t have any problem to take the bus leaving at 7:48. In case you lose this bus, however, you will not have to wait too long for the next one.

    Hope this is helpful.
    For any other question or request, feel free to come back on the Forum:-)
    Enjoy the race:-)

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