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Thread: Which should we choose for good evenings?

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    Question Which should we choose for good evenings?

    We have a choice of villas to go to for summer 2012. We want to be able to go out in the evening as a family with primary school children for a coffee or icecream. We can go walking distance from Volterra, Radicondoli or Casole d'Elsa. If anyone can give us an idea of which would be a good place to stay it would really be appreciated.

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    Ciao Jluh,

    As all villas are generally out in the countryside, all might require that you drive to the closest town depending on how far they are from the town. All the towns you mention have coffee shops (known as bar here) and gelato shops to go to - they are considered essentials!! Both Radicondoli and Casole are smaller than Volterra so of course you'll have more selection there.
    Driving there, even if the villa is 10 minutes walking distance away, might actually be your only option. This is because most roads do NOT have a sidewalk or walking space to the sides of the road, so at night I am not sure I'd be taking primary aged children along these roads.

    Most small towns have a garden/park with playground, which in the summer are particularly very popular hangouts for children. Whichever you choose, I don't think you'll have any problems finding the perfect spot for your evenings out for dinner and then a stroll, gelato or a coffee :-).
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    Ciao Jluh,

    I agree with Lourdes. There are many vacation villas available both in the countryside and near the town. It depends on you which villa you would like to prefer. Most of the villas also offer accommodation for children and they are not to far. So you can drive to the nearby town for evening dinner and a stroll. Even many of the owners of the villas can help you in this matter.

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