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Thread: A Little help around Punta Ala\Cala violina or Argentario mountain

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    Default A Little help around Punta Ala\Cala violina or Argentario mountain

    Hey everyone,
    I really need a help and it comes with a weird suggestion.

    my girlfriend and I gonna travel italy on October.
    we are going to hire a car and travel for a week in tuscany

    Im going to suprise her in Argentario mountain or in Punta Ala and going to PROPOSE HER (ask for marrige).

    and that why I need someone (maybe you or one of your friends) to help with the suprise, it's something really small need to be prepare in advance and I'll pay for this.

    The whole suprise is just arranging a small picnic (wine, grapes and cheese, with candles) in a romantic spot where we can see the sunset, the place I chose will be somewhere to view the seaside of tuscany from a good viewpoint on the sunset in the sea... so far I found punta ala\cala violina or argentario mountain as the best spots to see a beautifull sea sunset.

    my questions are if anyone here will help me to orginize it in advance?
    if you not from the area - it can offer it to someone you know from the area and he can contact me freely by e-mail bhcukht@walla.com
    my budget is arround 250 euro for this suprise.

    the suprise will be at the 16th or 17th of October

    please let me know what you think about the idea

    (by the way - I allready contact some expert, as events planners, to make it for me but they charge more then 400 euro for this.. and I dont have the money for this amount)

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    Default Proposing in Tuscany


    your question reminded me of a structure I went to visit where the actually "specialize" in this type of thing. It isn't on the coast - but the scenery is pretty awesome all the same.

    Read this article and then try contacting them to see what they can help you with.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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    I would not suggest a proposal at Punta Ala itself (the view of the port is not romantic) although the area has many restaurants and hotel resorts along the coast with great views of the port+towers.

    The same goes for Cala Violina -- small, you need to do a hike to get there, and it is full of lots of other people. Although of course in October the situation might be different.... but the hike in the middle of the woods AFTER sunset would be something you would need to prepare yourself for.
    There are no bathing establishments there, so even for whomever wanted to help, they'd have to do the hike themselves.

    So the easiest thing if you want to be on the coast at sunset, would be to start from a nearby restaurant or resort who can find or already a hidden romantic nook or view of the sea and would be perfectly happy to help you organize the surprise proposal!

    I also would ask - where are you staying throughout the week? Along the coast itself? at a particular place? Are you in one place or moving around?

    I would suggest you start from where you're planning on being --- because, like Donna has suggested above --- a dinner or picnic at sunset in the middle of a vineyard on your own would be really romantic as well... and the wine estate itself where you're staying at can help you plan it ahead of time without charging you as if it was a special event.

    I'm thinking the gorgeous views at Romitorio di Serelle or Il Cellese would work out really well.
    So would Fattoria Viticcio or Casolare di Libbiano. I've linked pages that give you an overview, but take a look at the sites and contact the owners too -- if you haven't booked accommodation yet, then maybe one of these would be perfect for you to stay at. And the owners I am sure would go out of their way to make sure the proposal goes off well!
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