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    I can see lots of information about parking lots and what the costs are, but it doesn't tell us how we have to actually pay for the parking. Do you pay at the time you park and guess how long you want to stay, or do you pay after you punch a ticket saying when you got there and when you leave? This detail is important to those of us who are visiting for the first time. I've run into this issue in other citta... Thank you for your response. We want to go Monday, 27 April. Griazie!

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    Default Parking in Siena

    Buongiorno -

    I hope you see this in time. Most organized parking has you take a ticket before you go into the lot. Keep the ticket with you and then you pay at one of the automated booths when you are ready to leave. If you are parking between blue lines on the street or an open parking lot, then you should look for a parking meter. You buy time and then place the ticket on the dashboard of your car.

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    I do hope you saw Donna's post in time - in any case, I've added the info to the article on parking in Siena seeing as it can be useful additional info to give:
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