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Thread: Events in Palazzo Vecchio in early June

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    Default Events in Palazzo Vecchio in early June

    HI can you tell me if there is anything planned for june evenings at Palazzo Vecchio? we will be there from 6 th june to 10 th june

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    Default events in Palazzo Vecchio

    Specifically for Palazzo Vecchio, the exhibit "Damient Hirst: For the Love of God" will still be open, up until June 12.

    Also, the Museum is open until midnight except for Thursdays (closes at 2pm).
    What you should definitely take advantage of is the possibility to go up and walk around the ramparts high above Piazza della Signoria at night! From 8pm to 11pm, with an extra 2 euro to your museum ticket, you can go up in a guided group (max 25 people). Reserve your spot when you buy your ticket - I believe you can visit Palazzo Vecchio earlier in the day and reserve, returning for the walk around the ramparts later in the evening.
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