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    Hi, Can you tell me the best site to get tickets for Accademia online please? Some of the sites vary in price quite a lot. I'm going mid June and thought it best to get tickets ahead.

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    It is recommended that you make a reservation if you know when you will be there, as the Accademia is crowded. You can do this online at the city's official site (4 Eu reservation fee): www.firenzemusei.it - click on the gray "B-ticket" strip. You'll receive email confirmation, followed within a few days by a voucher. Bring the voucher to the ticket desk to exchange for a ticket. Good luck!

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    Yes, all summer long I would recommend advance tickets. There are just lots and lots of visitors and you want to shorten the wait.
    B-ticket is the official vendor chosen by Florence museums, but often times they run out for a time or date. If you don't find what you need there, please buy on http://www.uffizi.org - as an affiliated partner, part of that extra commission comes back to us to support our website and the work we do on here!
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