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    Default 9 Euros for train ticket from Florence to Venice or Rome - too good to be true?

    Hi, I am a new member to this forum and hope someone can help me.

    We will be flying to Florence in late August for a one week stay in Tuscany and then take some additional time to visit Venice and Rome. There are 4 of us travelling (2 adults and 2 seniors).

    I went on the trenitalia web site and searched for a train fares from Florence to Venice and Venice to Rome and I came across a fare of 9 euros with some kind of Mini fare offer. Is this possible? The train from Florence to Venice took just over 2 hours and indicated a price of 9 euros. That seems so inexpensive. Am I missing something?

    I would appreciate any assistance if I have misunderstood something.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: 9 Euros for train ticket from Florence to Venice or Rome - too good to be true?

    Ciao Sensfan,

    It is totally possible you found fares for 9 euros because I see on the website that there are "mini" special offers going on between Rome and Venice (and Florence is in between).

    If you're pretty sure of your travel dates, I'd say go ahead and take advantage!! It would definitely make traveling by train very budget friendly during peak travel season.
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