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    Question Returning a rental car in Florence - driving from San Remo to Florence

    Good morning! I am driving from San Remo to Florence in April and am concerned about returning the rental car in Florence. I know the rental car company is located in the ZTL zone and they would normally give the license plate number to the ZTL data base if I rent within Florence, does anyone know if the rental company in San Remo will do the same?

    Also...has anyone traveled this route and, if so, how was the ride?


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    If you are returning the car to the same car rental agency's office in Florence, it will be the office in Florence who communicates your license plate number to the local police to get it taken off any list of fines. Just make sure they do so when you return it -- they have 3 hours from the moment you enter the ZTL to do the transmission via a computer program.
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