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Feste ed eventi medievali in Toscana

Every year Tuscany offers a wide array of Medieval Festivals rich with parades in authentic dress from the times, games, food, flag throwers and spectators who come to join in a few hours in the “time machine”.

Dressing up Medieval style in Tuscany

It is obvious that Tuscany, with its many picturesque towns, both small and large, presents the perfect stage for the revocation of jousts, races, dances and remembering historic events like weddings, murders, and battles. These types of events happen all year long, however, it would seem that many are concentrated in the late spring and summer seasons, where everyone can enjoy the festivities outside with the long sunny days and warm temps.

Not only are there important historic representations and exhibitions, but the townspeople often join in the fun taking the time to dress the part, provide stands and food that are suited to the time frame and extra care to restore the vias and streets in the town to their original “glory”.

We have put together a list of the of the more famous and colorful Medieval festivals that play out throughout Tuscany. If we have missed one that you think really should be on our to-do list, let us know!!

In the meantime, have a look at these, pick one you like and enjoy!

Games & tournaments, medieval fairs in Tuscany

May - June

Festa Medievale a Malmantile - Lastra a Signa (Florence)

End of May - beginning of June

The festival takes place in the small medieval hamlet of Malmantile, in the area of Lastra a Signa.
Official Website: festamedioevalemalmantile.it

Festa Medievale Bianco Azzurra - Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo)

End of May - beginning of June

This festival takes place within the walls of the Rocca del Cassero in the town of Castiglion Fiorentino, just south of Arezzo.
Official Website: festamedievale.it

Fiera delle Messi a San Gimignano

In June, on the weekend close to the 16th

For More information - cavalieridisantafina.it

La Disfida della Valdelsa at the Parco Archeologico di Poggibonsi (Siena)

Beginning of June

The day “Poggio Imperiale” is celebrated with an event called: "La Disfida della Valdelsa". A real tournament with knights in armor (La Compagnia dell'Aquila Bianca) who battle for their colors: Poggibonsi vs. Monteriggioni.
Official Website parco-poggibonsi.it

Tria Turris (Chiusi)

End of June

Step back in time at Chiusi, to the 1300’s. The town comes alive with competitions, authentic dress and lots of activities.
Official Website triaturris.it

Medieval fairs and markets in Tuscany


Monteriggioni di torri si corona - Monteriggioni (Siena)


Most of these activities take place within the integral town walls of Monteriggioni, which sets an exceptionally pretty stage.
Official Website: monteriggionimedievale.com

Medioevo alla Corte degli Ubaldini - Palazzuolo sul Senio (Florence)

End of July

Official Website: facebook.com/OsteGhibellina

Fortezze di Verrucole at Fivizzano (Massa Carrara)

All of July and August

Sito ufficiale: fortezzaverrucolearcheopark.it

Medieval markets and fairs in Tuscany


Medioevo nel Borgo a Roccatederighi (Grosseto)

First Week of August

Official Website: www.roccatederighi.info

Medievalis a Pontremoli (Massa Carrara)

16-19 August 2018

An event which captures the essence and importance of the town of Pontremoli in medieval times. medievalis.org

Volterra AD 1398 a Volterra (Pisa)

3rd and 4th Sunday of August

Official Website: volterra1398.it

More fairs & markets with a medieval theme


Il Castello Rivive - Rievocazione Medievale a Nozzano Castello (Lucca)

First week of September

Official Website: ilcastellorivive.it

Festa Medievale Montevettolini - Monsummano Terme (Pistoia)

Mid September

Official Website: rondomontevettolini.it

Medioevo in Rocca San Gimignano (Siena)

Beginning of September

Once again we enter into the suggestive setting of San Gimignano for another festival

Igneus 1069 (Florence)

San Ignatius, became abate only after a trial by fire on the 13th of February 1068.

Fortezze di Verrucole: l'assedio (Massa Carrara)

First weekend in September

Reconstruction of the siege by the troops from Lucca, two days of medieval markets, music, shows, military demonstrations and more
Official Website fortezzaverrucolearcheopark.it

Autore: Cristina Romeo

Nata a Firenze alla fine dei favolosi anni ‘70, vive da sempre nella famosa “culla del Rinascimento”. Innamorata della sua terra, è mamma di un'adorabile e vivace bimba, a cui spera di trasmettere tutta la sua passione per la loro meravigliosa e preziosa Toscana.


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