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What to do in San Gimignano

While many visit San Gimignano for a very short time, there is plenty to do to keep you busy an entire day if not more!

A stroll down the entire town is required, as well as a visit to the Duomo di San Gimignano and to the adjacent Palazzo Comunale to view the Pinacoteca of Medieval art inside and a climb to the very top of the Torre Grossa, the tallest tower in town, to enjoy the best view of San Gimignano ever!

Enjoy a great gelato in Piazza della Cisterna, a delicious lunch or dinner at the many restaurants specialized in Tuscan cuisine and a climb up to the remains of the Montestaffoli fortress and lots of tastings of the local white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, will round up your visit.

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Duomo of San Gimignano

No matter how short your visit in San Gimignano might be, you must visit the cathedral to admire the marvelous cycle of frescoes that recount stories from the New and Old Testaments painted by illustrious artists of the 14th-century Sienese school and the extraordinary Renaissance jewel, the Chapel of Santa Fina. Then head to the Museum of Sacred Art next door to admire the exquisite "Madonna of the Rose".

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Civic Museums in San Gimignano

Must-sees during your visit to San Gimignano are the Palazzo Comunale, Pinacoteca and Torre Grossa, the tallest tower in the city from which you can enjoy a unique 360° view over all of San Gimignano. If you have time, also visit the Archeological Museum where the second floor houses the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, a mix of the ancient past and more relatively recent past.

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San Gimignano 1300

San Gimignano 1300 is a private museum with multi-media exhibits, street scenes, and a ceramic recreation of the city as it was in the year 1300, at the height of its maximum splendor.

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Hike with a View: A Walk to San Gimignano

Feel like walking and enjoying great views of San Gimignano? Here we share a day hike you can take to enjoy spectacular views of the medieval town with its many towers.

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