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Pisa: City of the Leaning Tower and More


The Leaning Tower has made Pisa famous all over the world, and in addition to the tower, the city offers many other interesting things to see worth at least an entire day - check out our 1 day in Pisa itinerary to plan your visit.
When you first arrive at the beautiful Square of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli), your sight will be captivated by the magnificent Tower. Don’t just admire it from below: the climb up the tower is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we highly encourage you to experience. You will enjoy both the incredible climb as well as the amazing views from the top (you can buy tickets in advance as number of entries are limited every half hour)!

Once you have admired the Tower of Pisa from all angles (including the classic picture in which you pretend to support it to keep as a memento), continue your visit to the other monuments in the Piazza: the Cathedral and the Baptistery. Along the perimeter of the square, there is also the Cemetery, the Cathedral Museum and the Museum of the Synopses. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the Arno river and on your way, pass by Clock Palace to enter into Piazza dei Cavalieri, which was once the heart of power in the city and later the headquarters of the Knights of St. Stephen. In the Palazzo della Carovana overlooking the square, the prestigious Scuola Normale of Pisa has its base.

What else to do in Pisa? Eat cecina! It’s a kind of very thin gluten-free bread made with chickpea flour, water, oil, salt and black pepper. You can eat the cecina alone or in a schiacciatina, a flat bread. A real treat you must try!

Annual events

Every June, Pisa celebrates the city’s patron saint, San Ranieri, with traditional events following one another during the Giugno Pisano. If you are in Pisa at this time of the year, we suggest you spend some time in Pisa and enjoy the Luminara, the Regatta of San Ranieri and the Battle of the Bridge.

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An itinerary for an entire day in Pisa

An itinerary to discover Pisa and its marvellous artistic attractions: visit the Square of Miracles with its Leaning Tower and take a walk along the famous Lungarni, rich in shops and restaurants where you may taste typical local recipes. This visit to the enchanting marittime Republic will take you back in time and make you breathe a timeless atmosphere!

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Buy Tickets for the Leaning Tower

Visit the Leaning Tower in Pisa: do not miss the chance to discover the secrets of one of the most famous monuments in the world. Buy tickets online and skip the line! Just note that kids under 8 cannot climb the tower.

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Book your Hotel in Pisa with the Best Prices

With you can compare all Pisa hotels, check availability and read travellers' opinions to choose the perfect accommodation for your vacation. Reserve your stay in the city of the Leaning Tower at the best Internet rate!

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The Square of Miracles in Pisa

You must absolutely visit the beautiful Square of Miracles in Pisa. Here is where you will find Pisa's best and most enchanting treasures: the Cathedral or Duomo, emblem of Pisan Romanesque architecture and its bell tower, known worldwide as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You'll also find the baptistery, the cemetery (Camposanto) and other museums. While the exteriors are enchanting, make sure to also visit inside!

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The Certosa di Calci in Pisa: A Monastery with Whales!

With one stop you can take in the fabulous architectural structure of the Certosa di Calci and have a peek at the the incredible curious collection that makes this one of the world's foremost scientific museum


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The most fascinating miracle of all, the Leaning Tower

While in Pisa, you have to visit the Leaning Tower! It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to climb up a leaning building, challenging your own sense of balance. The climb is a lot of steps, but the experience and view are both worth it.

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Where to Park in Pisa

If you're driving to Pisa, here is some useful information on free and paid parking lots, with details on how they work, so that you can concentrate on visiting this charming town beyond the Leaning Tower and stay for more than just an hour.

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June, a month of festivities in Pisa

Are you planning to visit Pisa in June? This is one of the best months to visit the city of the Leaning Tower as it will be hosting many traditional events along the Arno river, from the Luminara to the Regatta of San Ranieri to the Battle of the Bridge.

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The Luminara in Pisa

The Luminara in Pisa is a special event - the city and river glows in the light of thousands of candles lit outside of palaces, churches, towers and bridges along the Arno on the eve of the feast day of San Ranieri, Pisa's patron saint.

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Flying into Tuscany: Pisa and Florence

Information on Tuscany's two main airports, the Galileo airport in Pisa and the Peretola/Vespucci airport in Florence, and tips on how to move to other parts of Tuscany from there.

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The Battle of the Bridge in Pisa

A historical game that is held annualy in Pisa on the last Saturday of June between the various neighborhoods in town. A great time to see a special traditional event which takes place in historical costume as well as visit the city of the Leaning Tower.

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Regatta of San Ranieri in Pisa

The regatta of San Ranieri is an interesting race in the Arno - the winner is not who arrives first but who manages to climb a rope and grab the right colored flag! An ancient custom in celebrating Pisa's patron saint feast day.

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Volterra is usually referred to as the Etruscan city and the City of Alabaster. If you love archaeological sites, then Volterra is the right place to head to: you'll have the chance to visit one-of-a-kind remains dating back to Etruscan and Roman times, as well as many Medieval and Renaissance treasures. Stroll its narrow lanes and visit the many workshops exposing alabaster hand-made products, the main jewel on this town's crown.

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San Miniato, Midway between Pisa and Florence

A small little town with a panoramic skyline, San Miniato is perfect for a stop to enjoy the vistas between Pisa and Florence, a taste of the local color, as well as shopping local products like truffles, leather and olive oil.

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Day Trips & Tours from Pisa

Here are some of the best day trips & tours to add to your itinerary when Pisa is the base for your holiday vacation in Tuscany. With or without a car, we rate these as your best options to see the landscape, vineyards & adventures in Tuscany.

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How to get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tips on moving around Pisa, essentially to get to Piazza dei Miracoli and to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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The Perfect Way to Explore Pisa: Walking Tour with Local Guide

Don't just go to Pisa for the Leaning Tower. Take a bit of time and see the highlights in all of Pisa by joining a small group walking tour that takes you from the central train station to the Square of Miracles, learning of Pisa's history and seeing what the local experience every day. Then feel free to take your time and explore Pisa's main monuments, from its tower and cathedral to baptistery and city walls.

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