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Eating and Drinking in Tuscany

There are many resturants, cafès and pizzerias in Tuscany offering traditional typical dishes and if you're looking for an authentic place to eat at for experiencing the Tuscan true cuisine and top wines, then a few suggestions from locals may be helpful for selecting the best ones.

When one is abroad, chosing a place for eating at is not always as simple as it may appear. Many restaurants and cafes show flashy signs for drawing tourists with misleading advertising: generally, the fact that a place is crowded with tourists only, is always a negative signal. On the contrary, if you notice many locals eating at a certain place, then take a seat with no doubt: traditional Tuscan dishes and good value for money are guaranteed!

We've listed those place where we've eaten at for sharing with you our impressions about their outside/inside locations, about the staff and the service, the menù and the relative presentation and, obviously, the prices, so you'll be able to select those restaurants that best satisfy your expectations, getting a good value for your money.

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Autumn Colors in Tuscany

Go beyond the art, the culture and the classic landscape of Tuscany and delight in the spectacular colors of fall. The brisk temperatures bring not only a richness in the flavours that invade the menus but also a kaleidoscope of falling leaves in dazzling shades of yellow, red and orange which can be best appreciated up close.

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Traditional Tuscan Recipes using Potatoes

Grown in the hills, the potato staved offer hunger for generations producing some of the most famous Tuscan recipes: tortelli, potatoes with rosemary, bread and even beer & sausage! Come with us and explore Tuscany through the wonderful flavors potato

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Top restaurants in Florence

Take a look at the top restaurants in Florence - and then book through The Fork!

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Pecorino & Cheese in Tuscany: Buying, Tasting & Bringing It Home

When in Tuscany it is nearly impossible to not taste the delicious and signature cheeses that grace its culinary halls, and that means Pecorino Want to taste some of the best and maybe take it home with you? Read here for where you need to go.

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Tuscany Dishes with Chestnuts

Whether you visit in the fall months or not, Tuscany has specialized in offering dishes with chestnuts and chestnut flour that are part of its culinary tradition. From sagras in the fall dedicated to the chestnut where you can taste many dishes with chestnuts to restaurants offering traditional desserts, here's your list of what to look for and taste when in Tuscany in the fall.

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The Hard Rock Cafe in Florence

Head to the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence to enjoy a great meal and the world famous collection of rock n' memorabilia in the restaurant's beautiful interiors spaces within the historical building just off Piazza della Repubblica. Buy the "skip-the-line" voucher to be seated quickly and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the best Cafes in the world.

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Street Food in Tuscany

A trip into the most genuine Tuscan food, recently become the most appreciated and authentic way to taste traditional local recipes. Info, tips and best places where to try the Street Food in Tuscany.

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Sagras: What to expect in Tuscany

The Itailan food festival honoring local recipes is called sagra and is perhaps one of the most delicious ways to explore Italian culture. Celebrating food, the community and family traditions, they are the best panorama of the Tuscan culture.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Tuscan Kitchen

How do the Tuscans celebrate the arrival of the newly pressed extra virgin olive oil?  They prepare a meal that uses oil from the starters to dessert, savouring each and every drop. Here is a menu, complete with authentic Tuscan recipes that you can make at home.

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Eating out in Siena along Via Camollia

Are you looking for good local food in an outdoor setting at a reasonable price? Go to Via Camollia, which is a street full of local, cozy, and good value restaurants. We'll take you through the charming street making it easier for you to choose where to eat out during your time in Siena.

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A Traditional Tuscan Meal

What exactly makes Tuscan cooking so different from the rest of Italy? Discover some of Tuscany's most famous dishes, where they come from and, if you're in Florence, where you can find them.

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Top Wine Shops in Siena Historical Center

If you want to do some wine tasting in Siena historical center or simply buy a few bottles of Tuscan wines to bring home with you, you'll find here our recommendations about the city's top places to visit.

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Cantine Aperte & Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Local wine producers open their wine cellars, vineyards and bottles for the general public on several occasions throughout the year starting with the last Sunday in May. Wine tasting with "Cantine Aperte" is a great way to experience wines in Chianti, Montepulciano, Lucca and many other locations in Tuscany. This is the perfect opportunity to tour wineries and taste wines throughout Italy highlighting not only the final product (wine) but also local traditions, dishes & landscapes.

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Insider Tips on Where to Eat in Siena

Quality, romantic, ambiance or just simple home cooking?  Whatever you are looking for in a restaurant, it always helps to have a local’s point of view on what is available in Siena.

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Locanda nel Cassero

The Locanda nel Cassero is a small charming restaurant in the medieval hilltop village of Civitella Marittima in the "upper" Maremma, serving regional and local specialties.

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La Grotta del Picchio Verde in La Sassa

Located in the small hamlet of La Sassa, this restaurant is named after the small natural grotto in which it is located and where a few tables are in. A welcoming setting, the kitchen offers authentic traditional Tuscan dishes.

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Restaurants in Valdarno

Are you a food lover travelling between Florence and Arezzo? Read about the best restaurants in the Valdarno Valley and surroundings to check where to have great Tuscan food.

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Restaurants in Florence

After working up an appetite visiting museums, churches and markets - you need to find a restaurant that will satisfy your hunger and give you a taste of Florence.  Read for some of our best ideas.

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Christmas Traditions at the Table across Tuscany

Well known for delicious foods, Tuscany excels in putting on a fantastic menu for the holidays relying on new and old traditions that bring family and friends together. From starters to desserts, here is an overview of some Tuscan favorites for your holiday meal.

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Looking for that Special Moment in Florence?

Climb to one of these rooftop terraces and watch as the city lights up below.  The romantic skyline of Florence will give you great photo opportunities and leave you with sweet memories...Here are a few of our favorite places.

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Top Summer Sagras in Tuscany

These summer "sagra" food festivals need to be on your to-do list when you visit Tuscany between June and August. Local festivals that highlight traditional recipes and dishes ranging from handmade pasta to a “bistecca” steak grilled Tuscan style.

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Christmas in the Tuscan Kitchen: Sweets of the Season

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to taste and enjoy the traditional sweets and treats that the Christmas holiday season offers in Tuscany!

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Want an authentic Tuscan Craft Beer?

Ready to drink something other than wine? Then you need to know the names of the more popular microbreweries in Tuscany. Here is a list to have on hand while traveling Tuscany, their pizzerias and local brew pubs of the top craft beers

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