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Tenuta Moriano, Family Vineyard & Comfort

Experience a Genuine Slice of Chianti

As I waited to meet up with Riccardo, one of the owners of the agriturismo and winery Tenuta Moriano, I totally took advantage to relax on the sunny terrace next to the reception area with its spectacular vista and breathe in the silence, the beauty and the tranquility of the estate. I was looking forward to meeting the team at Tenuta Moriano, located only 5 km from Montespertoli, and discovering some of their secrets behind making excellent wine and memorable holidays.

The cypress tree driveway, plump olive trees, distant hilltop towns and long rows of grape vines running in every direction greet you as you drive along the "white road" up to the family-run vineyard. But it is only the beginning of your holiday adventure, and as you enter into the gated estate, you will find yourself surrounded by the colorful blooms of hundreds of roses, shady corners offering a temporary reprieve from the Tuscan sun and lots of areas dedicated to keeping kids happy and busy. I would clarify, we are talking kids of all ages... including adults that want to enjoy a few private moments.

My eyes were drawn immediately to the panoramic pool at Tenuta Moriano. The sparkling cool waters are set in a finely manicured yard, the pool with its special children-sized pool was the first on my “must try” list. But Riccardo guided me over to admire the apartments... and I was immediately distracted. The stylized garden furniture set on the covered patio close to the BBQ had me already thinking about a delicious bistecca fiorentina with fresh tomatoes on the side.

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Beauty & Sport at the Vineyards of Montespertoli

A Review of Tenuta Moriano

We loved: attention to the fragrant gardens, close to the vineyards and wonderful views

Ideal for: couples or families with a small child looking for tranquility & relax, yet close to town

Not that I suffer from any kind of attention deficiency, but I was easily lured into the apartment to check out the interior details and was enthusiastic to see a comfortable yet distinctly Tuscan decor, well thought out for practical everyday use. I opened a few drawers and cabinets to take stock of the fully furnished kitchen. Then I peeked into the bedrooms, with closet space and ceiling fans. Last stop, the clean and modern bathrooms, with fluffy towels and complimentary soaps. My stamp of approval, everything was carefully organized to make a vacation away from home as comfortable as possible.

I know it takes more than just the right accommodations and a gracious host to make a holiday memorable. Riccardo filled me in about the many activities both on and off the estate that guests can participate in while on vacation near Montespertoli. Starting with the Saturday night buffet, loaded with delicious local recipes, fresh foods and... needless to say, great wine. But there is more; the Tuesday night eno-trekking which finishes in an “impromptu” party with dancing and (more) wine or you can also choose from cooking lessons, art classes and a private wine tasting. Going off of the estate, they have contacts to help you with maximizing your time visiting the beautiful cities of Florence & Siena with a professional tour guide.

Romantic Via dell’Amore

This area would make an excellent venue for family reunions, friendly get togethers, and most definitely a destination wedding. The wide open spaces, the many little secluded corners, the romantic array of colors and the fragrance of roses, lavender and rosemary make this a bridal paradise. The little trail carved out of the forest nearby provides the perfect cover for a twilight stroll, hand in hand. The recently built Casolare di San Lorezo is a 10 apartment holiday estate with panoramic views of the Tenuta and, of course, the vineyards with glimpses of the Montespertoli hills and the small towns that dot the landscape.

Maintaining high standards, the Casolare has a large pool and each apartment boasts a patio or terrace for meals and relaxing. The interiors are in Tuscan style, with an inviting country decor and the amenities include WiFi, laundry service and all the great on-site activities. 

Tenuta Moriano At-a-Glance:

Type: self-catering holiday apartments
Location: Montespertoli, (13 min)
Distance: Florence (60 min), Siena (60 min), Pisa (75 min)
Transport: a car is useful for day trips, however, you can walk to Montespertoli and use public transport
Apartments: 10
Sleeps: 36
Type of board: only accommodation

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Making Wine at Tenuta Moriano

With such an extensive property, you need a well oiled machine behind it to keep things running. Riccardo explained with satisfaction "we are a team and it makes the difference; working together, almost like a big family would."

The atmosphere is friendly and casual but professional and prepared, even with all the work between taking care of the agriturismo and the vineyards, I saw first hand how they were always ready to greet their guests as they came in and out of the office asking questions and looking for suggestions.

Following the same path as Chianti wine, choosing quality over quantity, the vineyard has moved into a product based on the traditional strengths and grapes of the area; with five labels and over 15 different kinds of wine, they are always creating something new and exciting.

Riccardo left the family business of design and building quality furniture to embarked on a new adventure, growing the wine estate and nurturing an environment where guests would feel at ease while exploring the beauty of Tuscany. He admitted, almost in surprise:

”I took over the part of the vineyard partly for responsibility, but it grew on me and now I feel the passion of making not just wine, but good wine.” Riccardo’s enthusiasm for wine production shines when he speaks of the vineyards and cellars, ”I feel as if I am creating something that will live in time.”

The family bought and restored the antique farmhouse Tenuta Moriano because they wanted to return to their roots. In doing so they discovered a passion for creating something fresh, be it the rose garden of his father, the wines in their cantina, or the ambiance for a family vacation in an area perfect for adventure or ideal for relax and tranquility. The self catering apartments at the agriturismo are just a piece of the puzzle, that when put together gives you a well rounded vacation experience.

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Bringing Out the Best of Tuscany

The wide open spaces, the games & activities, the incredible vistas over the family vineyard and the comfortable apartments are necessary ingredients for a perfect holiday. However, it is the atmosphere that the Tenuta Moriano team has created that will make your vacation in Tuscany unforgettable.

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Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been more than 25 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. It didn't take long to learn that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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