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Celebrating New Year's Eve in Tuscany

Are you planning how to spend New Year's Eve or the first day 2020 in Tuscany? Then you won't be short of options of where to go to celebrate the ringing in of the new year.

If you are based in the city center of Florence you should check out our article dedicated to activities in the city squares (concerts and entertainment for all ages).  

For those of you who are basing yourselves in the Tuscan countryside, and are local for celebrations just a little closer to home, here are just a few of the highlights around Tuscany:

Pistoia | PIAZZA DEL DUOMO | free entrance

Starting at 10:30pm, the historical center will come alive with the sounds and lights of the festive last night of the year. Lots of events and music in the streets and squares are planned, the main event is a live music concert in Piazza del Duomo starting at 11pm, followed with a toast to the new year and a DJ set.

For those that want to stay away from the large crowd in Piazza del Duomo, there are also free concerts elsewhere earlier in the evening. Starting at 9pm, there is a homage to Duke Ellington at the Piccolo Teatro Mauro Bolognini, while Palazzo Fabbroni will host a brass quartet playing a mix of holiday and popular tunes and the Antico Refettorio of the Convento di San Domenico will host a Chamber Music Concert.

Siena | PIAZZA DEL CAMPO | free entrance

Un grande spettacolo in piazza del Campo e tanti eventi diffusi in tutto il centro storico per il 31 dicembre di Siena. Ad animare la notte più lunga dell’anno sarà lo spettacolo Up&Down con Paolo Ruffini e gli attori della Compagnia Mayor Von Frinzius in un happening comico, disobbediente e commovente. A seguire la piazza sarà animata dalla musica del gruppo vocale le Voci Sole prima di lasciare spazio ai tormentoni tutti da ballare degli 80 Febbre.

Musica e ritmi per tutti i gusti nelle piazze del centro storico. Tante occasioni che vedranno anche stand gastronomici e musica di sottofondo, nell’avvicinamento alla notte più lunga dell’anno, fin dalle ore 12. Gli spettacoli e il clima di festa prenderanno il via alle 18. In piazza del Mercato Swing Mood, in piazza Indipendenza un'atmosfera world music, latina e calorosa dal ritmo sfrenato. Una vera e propria festa di groove musicale con la band Latinando En La Caje. In piazza Tolomei Beat&Roll con I Jaguari.

Il foyer del Teatro Dei Rinnovati ospiterà una Milonga di Capodanno con Oblivion Tango, scuola di ballo radicata nel territorio senese. Le Logge del Papa saranno la base della street band Girlesque. Infine, all'interno del Bastione Madonna della Fortezza Medicea andrà in scena un party che farà rivivere le atmosfere e i ritmi della Club Culture.

A grand show in Piazza del Campo with many events spread across the historical center for the last day of the year in Siena. To animate the last night of the year, the Up & Down show with Paolo Ruffini and the actors of the Compagnia Mayor Von Frinzius in a comic, disobedient and moving show. Following the show, the piazza turns into a dance floor with music by the vocal group Le Voci Sole before a DJ set based on 1980s classics.

Music and rhythms for all tastes in the squares of the historic center. Many choices, including food stands and background music starting at 12 noon. The shows and the festive atmosphere will start at 6.00 pm. In Piazza del Mercato Swing Mood, in the Piazza Independenza a world music atmosphere, Latin and warm with an unrestrained rhythm. A real musical groove party with the band Latinando En La Caje. In Piazza Tolomei Beat & Roll with I Jaguari.

The foyer of the Teatro Dei Rinnovati will host a New Year's Milonga with Oblivion Tango, a dance school rooted in the Sienese territory. The Pope's Lodges will be the basis of the Girlesque street band. Finally, inside the Bastione Madonna della Fortezza Medicea a party will be staged that will revive the atmospheres and rhythms of the Club Culture.

Siena and the New Years


Dario Ballantini with a show dedicated to Lucio Dalla will be the star of New Year's Eve celebrations in Pisa. The show will take place in the central Piazza dei Cavalieri, a stone's throw from Piazza dei Miracoli. From 10:30pm the comedian and imitator will pay homage to the great singer-songwriter with his disguises and his famous songs with the show "Da Balla a Dalla".

At the Logge di Banchi around the same time, a DJ set will be set up for a night of disco music. Then after the midnight toast, the spectacular fireworks over the Lungarni and music until late at night in the two squares.


The show by Enzo Scartoni will lead the midnight toast, and then until 1am the public in Arezzo can dance with Frankie hi-nrg and Ivreatronic dj-sets. The fun in Piazza Grande will begin at 8 pm with Spumante, the musical project of Arezzo's Elia Perrone and to follow The Shakers with their rockabilly sound. From 9:30pm there will also be a children's area managed by Project 5 while toasts and panettone for midnight will be offered by the merchants of the square.


In Scandicci, New Year's Eve is out of the mainstream with the Bandabardò in Piazza della Resistenza. The Kids band, winners of the Young Rock Scandicci competition, will open the evening. Benedetto Ferrara will conduct. As always, the Tramvia between Scandicci and Florence will be working all night.


In Prato, New Year's Eve is with Ex Otago and Fantasia Pura Italiana, two pop rock bands in Piazza San Francesco to greet in the new year. If you want to celebrate indoors, head to the Politeama Theater: from 10:30pm, Christmas symphonies with the Camerata Strumentale Città di Prato and the Archè Orchestra (20/15 euros, toast included).

Happy New Year to everyone!

Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been more than 25 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. It didn't take long to learn that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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