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Events in September promise fantastic opportunities

Planning your vacation or just a short getaway in September?

The month of September is rich in events and festivals all across the region.  September in Tuscany offers the bright colors medieval festival in Lucca and Arezzo, the deep-seated competition between Pescia and Asciano, and sweet aromas from Prato.

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Here is our roundup of some of the main events taking place across Tuscany throughout the month of September to help you choose. This is also the month when you can find lots of exciting things happening in vineyards throughout the region, read here to find out some of the more popular events in wine this month.

We are constantly updating the dates for the new year, if they have not yet been posted by official sites then we write in TBA (to be announced) - so keep checking in with us...or write us on the Forum. When possible we add an official website or Facebook page and we encourage you to always double check the dates with an official source.

With so much to choose from, we have divided this month into a few separate calendars so we could list more activities and so you can focus on what interest you the most:

Medieval Fairs

September in Prato

Florence City

Music Festivals


No matter what corner of Tuscany you are visiting this September, you will find fantastic possibilities to enjoy genuine food and colorful events.

Tuscany | #DomenicalMuseo | 1° Sunday in Sept

A standing appointment every month

How about enjoying a bit of art, history, and culture on a Sunday? How about enjoying it with free admission? Then mark the first Sunday of the month on your calendar and make note of the following State museums (and archaeological areas) across Tuscany where you can take advantage of the free entrance.

See a List of State Museums in Tuscany

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Arezzo | FIERA ANTIQUARIA | Sept 1 - 2

The oldest and the biggest antique fair

Many years ago, Ivan Bruschi gave life to one of the oldest and biggest antique fairs in Tuscany...maybe even all of Italy. He transformed his love for the old, unique and precious into an event that fills the streets of Arezzo every first Sunday of the month and the Saturday that precedes it that month.

Official Site

Panzano in Chianti | APRILANTE | 1° Sunday in Sept

Handcrafts & Vintage

We know they call the fair "April"ante, but it really goes all year round! This monthly market in the streets of this charming town in Chianti is where you will find handcrafts, vintage and delicious typical foods and all of it this is just outside in the countryside surrounding Florence.

Official link

Markets in and Around Florence September 2018

Greve in Chianti | IL PAGLIAIO | 4° Sunday of Sept

Organic and Artisan Market

Piazza Matteotti is filled with locals who feature goods from their gardens, their kitchens, and their workshops. Often you will find not only great bargains but music and opportunities to do some taste testing.

Facebook Page

Venturina Terme | BAVARIA FEST | Aug. 24 - Sept 9

a mix of cultures

Towards Livorno, on the coast of Tuscany, the festival (Bavaria Fest) has brought Bavarian culture and gastronomy to Tuscany. As you enjoy the delights of a Bavarian-style restaurant, sipping a beer mug, you can enjoy a bit of the magic of the Oktoberfest tradition: every night Bavarian music alternates with international music, a typical German original orchestra will perform at the Beer Festival and will entertain you with cheerful Bavarian music, prosit and fun gags

Official Website

Sansepolcro | PALIO DELLA BALESTRA | Aug 31 & Sept 1, 4, 5 & 9

just east of Arezzo, rich with historical  celebrations

A crossbow contest between the men of Gubbio and Sansepolcro who dress in medieval costumes and use antique weapons (on the last Sunday in May, in fact, the crossbowmen of Sansepolcro travel to Gubbio in Umbria for the first match of the Palio). But that's not all there is to do at this event. You will find food, games and crafts.

More Info for the dates

Pitigliano | SETTEMBREdiVINO | 1° weekend of Sept

and the Festa delle Cantine in southern Tuscany

Takes place over 4 days starting on the Thursday before the first weekend in September.  (Aug. 30 - Sept. 2, 2018). This fun little play on words - a Divine September - or a September filled with wine. Either way, it is a fascinating way to get to know the wine cellars of this town carved from stone.

More Info for the dates

Lucca | SEPTEMBER LUCCHESE | September all month

A whole month dedicated to fun and amusements, traditional festivals & celebrations

Besides food stands, agricultural fairs, traditional markets, handicrafts expositions, this manifestation brings to town one of the greatest amusement parks in Tuscany which is hosted in Piazzale Don Baroni just outside the city walls. A place that every year draws thousands and thousands of people of all ages as they await the arrival of the warm apple, roller coaster, dodgems and the "tunnel of fear" to take a thrilling ride! September Lucchese is also synonym with the sweet specialty that defines this manifestation (and has gradually become one of the most characteristic aspects of the local culinary tradition): the frati (sugar covered fried doughnuts)

Arezzo | GIOSTRA DEL SARACINO | 1° Sunday in Sept

Medieval games deeply rooted in the city's history

It’s one of the most eagerly awaited events that Tuscans love to celebrate, during which the whole city turns back into a medieval town to recreate the atmosphere of yesteryear. Festivities start a week earlier, giving life to a rich calendar of daily events and culinary meet-ups that end with the Joust on Sunday. A competition between the 4 quarters of the city to win the Golden Lance, with a parade in historical costumes, drummers, and flag-throwers.

Read here for More Info More Info

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Pescia | PALIO DEGLI ARCIERI | 1° Sunday in Sept

Festivities start a week earlier (August 27) with authentic reenactments of the old games and culinary competitions among the districts of the town, historical parades, drummers and flag-throwers exhibitions. The town is covered into the bright colors of the rival rioni, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the week. On the first Sunday of the month, the grand finale plays out, the Archery Palio: 4 archers per district will be competing against each other to win the treasured banner.

Official Website

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Lucca | MURABILIA | Sept 7 - 9

high-quality gardening expositions

The marvelous backdrop of Lucca's Renaissance city walls will host Murabilia, which offers more than 200 specialized stands, conferences, workshops, lessons with the participation of special guests and uncommon plants and flowers species from all around the world. If you love flowers and plants, you should not miss this!

Official Website for the program

San Gimignano | MEDIOEVO IN ROCCA | Sept 7 - 9

Middle Ages at the Fortress

At the top of September's events in the province of Siena, there’s San Gimignano with its Medioevo in Rocca: visitors will be totally immersed in a surreal atmosphere, with historical parades, drummers and jugglers exhibitions, musicians and offering a lot of fun occasions for both children and grown-ups. Free entrance.

Bacchereto | SAGRA DEL FICO | Sept 1 - 9

You have to be a fan of this fig food festival

Every day of this sagra features a different dish including penne pasta with figs! They are bringing out the fall flavors and their figs are one of the best not to be missed.

Official Website

Events in Tuscany for September 2018


Adults and kids join in the fun in the province of Pisa

At the Rocca del Brunelleschi, the fun is on! Including many events especially aimed at kids plus an authentic medieval-style dinner, organized in the square in front of the Palazzo Pretorio, surrounded by the rare beauty of the historical center of Vicopisano, with its massive Fortress designed by Brunelleschi as the backdrop.

Official Website

Nozzano | IL CASTELLO RIVIVE | 1° weekend of Sept

Nozzano, a quaint village in the province of Lucca, where you can live between reality and fantasy (August 21 & Sept 1 - 2, 2018), in a historical reenactment in medieval style offering traditional markets, street artists, acrobats and jugglers, jesters and innkeepers ready to delight you with their medieval delicacies.

Official Website

Fucecchio | SALAMARZANA | Sept 1 - 2

Another Edition of the Medieval Festival

Set in the city center of Fucecchio this fair revisits the historic games, entertainment, and foods found along the via Francigena. In the streets, courtyards, gardens and town squares lend themselves to recreate a special ambiance in costume including visits to the churches, towers, and palazzos. You will find stands with artisans, military camps, music, magicians and dancers and more which will drag you back into yesteryear.

Official Website

Events in Tuscany for September 2018


The Castle Comes Alive Once Again

Another event held in an authentic medieval castle is the Assedio al Castello di Verrucole in Garfagnana. It is a feast that recalls the assault by the Lucca troops in the year 1170.  Be prepared to enter into medieval markets offering typical products and delicious dishes prepared according to the recipes of yesteryear, musicians, jugglers, jesters and two amazing battles.

Program & Prices (in Italian only)

Greve in Chianti | CHIANTI EXPO | Sept 6 - 9

wine, wine, and more wine

If you want to celebrate the finished product of the gran vendemmia, then you need to head to Chianti and the wine EXPO. Local producers will have bottles to sample with the purchase of a souvenir glass, you can then stroll through the small town with the stands showcasing their finished products and inhaling the atmosphere of Greve in Chianti and the vendemmia (grape harvest).

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Asciano | PALIO DEI CIUCHI | 2° Sunday in Sept

Traditional donkey races

A recurring tradition throughout all of Tuscany but no one does it quite like Asciano. The donkey race between the 7 districts of the town is held in the stadium. Before the competition takes place, a wonderful parade winds its way through the historical center to get to the stadium, where visitors can enjoy an amazing show by the city's flag-throwers. Festivities, with gastronomic events, wine & food as well as a lot of music, will start a week earlier.

Facebook Page

Florence | RIFICOLONA | Sept 7

celebrates the pilgrimage of hundreds of peasants & farmers

The festive atmosphere of Summer continues filling the air in September with a contagious magic and folkloristic style. The origins of the pilgrimage of hundreds of peasants and farmers from the countryside into the city of Florence is to celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary on September 8th.

Read more here

---> More events in and around Florence

Buonconvento | VILLAGGIO DELLA BIRRA | Sept 7 - 9

International Festival of Small Breweries

The first edition dates back to 2006 and for years it was just a small deal where a few hundred people gathered to sample Belgian beers. Then it moved to overlook the hills of Val d'Arbia and 8,000 visitors year, enthusiasts from all over Europe come to enjoy Siena, Val d’Orcia, and Tuscany as well as the many local micro-breweries as well as international brews.

Official Website for the program

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Prato | SACRA CINTOLA | Sept 8

a treasured relic inspires fun in the city

September 8 is a very important day for Prato's religious tradition since it is one of the very few rare occasions when the Virgin Mary’s Girdle is displayed amid much religious pomp and drummers in cathedral's square (another is on December 25 and 26). The relic is, in fact, kept under heavy lock and key year-round in a chapel of the Duomo where an enchanting Agnolo Gaddi's fresco cycle "The Legend of the Holy Girdle (1392-95)" recounts the arrival of the girdle in Prato

Scarperia | DIOTTO | Sept 8

the city of knives just outside of Florence

This too is another important event that many eagerly await! Celebrating the foundation of the town Scarperia over 600 years ago, the manifestation consists of several contests between the rioni (or districts), an enchanting parade in historical costumes and flag-throwers. The festivities are preceded by a beautiful Renaissance fair (the so-called Renaissance Days) spread out all over the charming village.

Read more here

Poggibonsi | FATTI STRADA | Sept 9

Relive Villa Reale as it was in the 1800’s

The magic of Fatti Strada will transform Parco del Vallone in Poggibonsi into an open-air playroom, where families and children can choose to do jump rope or challenge each other with the sack. The festival is an exhibition of the simple and entertaining games those past generations used to play before internet or play stations.

Official Website

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Montalcino | SETTIMANA DEL MIELE | Sept 7 - 9

the sweet varieties of honey

Revel in the sweet flavor of honey at this week-long celebration with talks, demonstrations and even taste testing local honey while in Montalcino.


Radicofani | PALIO DEI BIGONZI | TBConfirmed - September 10

A new tradition in southern Tuscany

Though a recent addition to the annual calendar of events, this palio promises fun and excitement. It consists of two athletes racing a barrel, much like that which was used to carry wine...but carrying an empty barrel would be too easy between the contrade, so they start with an archery competition which establishes the handicap...exactly how many kilos are to be added to the barrel and carried across the finish line.

Events in Tuscany for September 2018


9 - 16 - 23 & 30 at 6:30 pm

Baroque Music in the most charming setting

During the hour-long concerts, you will be regaled with pieces from the best-known repertoire of Opera (Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti, Puccini, Verdi, etc), Italian Baroque (Monteverdi, Scarlatti, Pergolesi, etc) and Sacred Music (Bach, Pergolesi, Mozart, "Ave Maria" by Schubert). The performers are all virtuoso Italian and international singers and musicians.

Official Program


A Collection of Flavours from all over Italy

One of the largest displays of flavors and finger food from all over Italy. Join the crowds in savoring fried specialties, hamburgers from quality meats and artisan desserts and beers


Relive Villa Reale as it was in the 1800’s

The beautiful Marlia, was a place of love and passion, of pleasure, music, good conversation, and the royal palace of Elisa Bonaparte, Princess of Lucca and Piombino. The amazing villa and gardens, just outside of Lucca, once belonged to Elisa Bonaparte, and this event will have you experiencing the magical beauty of the 1800’s.

More about the Villa

Events in Tuscany for September 2018


An age-old ritual that celebrates the Holy Wooden Cross

The festival consists of a procession that leaves from the Basilica of San Frediano, runs through the town to the Cathedral, to pay homage to the Holy Wooden Cross. The most interesting aspect, of what can be considered one of the most important annual event of the town, is the “luminara”, which creates a truly spectacular effect with candles everywhere in the town. If you are interested in knowing more about the Holy Cross Celebrations, take a look at our article

Poggio a Caiano | ASSEDIO ALLA VILLA | Sept 14 -16

just outside of Florence near Prato, a siege takes place

Stepping out to the province, Poggio a Caiano, famous for being home to one of the most beautiful Medici villas in Tuscany, will be home to Assedio alla Villa which consists of a historical play that will turn the whole town into a Renaissance village. Visitors will feel like traveling back in time, with itinerant performances, handicraft markets, and fairs, enjoying the old arts and crafts. An incredible firework concludes the manifestation on the last day.

Official link

Scansano | FESTA DELL’UVA |29 - 30 September

50th Edition of Morellino wine tastings

Heading into the Grosseto area, it is possible to start tasting the wine especially the protagonist of this event: DOCG Morellino di Scansano! A festival filled with food, wine, and activities not to mention over 60 local artisans and their handmade products.

Monteriggioni | SLOW TRAVEL FEST | Sept 21 - 23

three days of slowing down to enjoy the landscape

The colorful area of Monteriggioni, Abbadia an Isola and the antique roads of the Via Francigena are the setting for the Slow Travel Fest, an event totally dedicated to the culture of traveling at a slow and easy pace by foot or bike. The festival proposes something different every day: meeting travel authors themed excursions - following the antique railway tracks on the 23rd, nature walks, and shows, as well as concerts in the evening.

Official Website

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Carmignano | FESTA DI SAN MICHELE | Sept 28 - 29 - 30

Not just a donkey race, but true art

Carmignano, located just outside of Florence and Prato, will be home to Saint Michael's Feast, with folkloristic parades and the Palio of Donkey, a race on a donkey all around the historical center of Carmignano, during which the local rioni (districts) will compete against each other to win the Palio banner. A fascinating twist combines this traditional race with a “Street Theatre”, where all four quarters work hard over the year to perfect their performance with suggestive choreographies, dances each boasting a unique and personal theme.

Official Website

Lucignano | MEMORIE DAL PASSATO | TBA - normally the last weekend of Sept

Memories of the past, with traditions & food

A jump back in time in Lucignano in the province of Arezzo. But only as far as the last century offering scenes of daily life from the 1800-early 1900’s. History is brought back to life exhibiting traditional crafts and trades in the dress of the last century. Stroll along the city center streets and enjoy the magic of this 20th-century atmosphere, while breathing in the aromas of the typical recipes of yesteryear.

Official Website

Florence | CARRO MATTO | last Sunday in Sept

a wine tradition in Florence

An event deeply rooted in the Florentine tradition and culture, aimed at celebrating one of the most representative aspects of the city and its surroundings, the Carro Matto puts wine production in the spotlight. This event is accompanied by a wonderful historical parade, musicians, drummers, and flag-throwers: something you should get to experience if you are nearby around the end of the month.

Read more here

Events in Tuscany for September 2018

Author's Note: This article was last updated on August 28, 2018, to make sure we’re giving you up-to-date info, if the dates have not yet been announced then we indicate TBA (to be announced). We encourage you to always double check the links above in case the dates have been modified.

Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been more than 25 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. It didn't take long to learn that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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