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What to see in Mugello Tuscany

There are a lot of interesting sights to see in all the characteristic villages of Mugello, as the Medicean Villas and Castels. There are many villas and castles that belonged to the Medici family and to the Renaissance era as the family traced its roots back to the Mugello. For example, there is the Park and Villa Demidoff in Vaglia, the Palazzo dei Vicari (Vicar Palace) in Scarperia, and the Villa di Cafaggiolo in Barberino di Mugello.

Mugello is also characterized by its many small villages and towns waiting to be discovered. Many of them still organize fairs and events dedicated to the local food traditions and crafts that are produced in the territory.

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The Diotto in Renaissance Scarperia

On the 8th of September, the small town of Scarperia celebrates its founding by the Florentine Republic by recreating the passage of power between the outgoing and new vicar. The town's “rioni” compete in Renaissance games for the Palio del Diotto.

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Exploring Dicomano and the Mugello Valley

Dicomano is just one of the many precious jewels that decorate the crown that is Tuscany. Discover what to see and to do in Dicomano and its surroundings, located at the crossroads between the Mugello, Casentino and Valdisieve valleys.

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Frascole Archeological Site

Visit the archeological site at Frascole just outside of Dicomano, an important crossroads since Etruscan and Roman times.

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