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Hiking to the discovery of the Tuscan landscape

One of the most marvellous aspects of Tuscany is its landscape: a precious jewel that enhance the value of this region even more. Actually, you could explore all Tuscany by hiking from a path to another; there are many guided trekking tours that give you the chance to get to know both the places and their history as well, or you could adventure on your own following one of the many CAI (Club Alpino Italiano, in English Italian Alpin Club) itineraries that abound all over the region.

Garfagnana, Lunigiana, Casentino and the Florentine hills are maybe some of the most famous trekking areas of the region, where both experts and beginners as well head to for enjoying the Tuscan sun and the fresh open air: the one-of-a-kind panoramas you may appreciate from those secret corners that can't be discovered otherwise are really breathtaking.


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