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Tuscany Tourist Info

In this section we have collected general, practical information which will help you in the planning stages of your trip to Tuscany, especially if it is the first time you're visiting Tuscany or even Italy. For example, you'll find information on how to get here, what is the best way to move around once you are here, what is the weather like throughout the region and through the seasons and much more.

You'll also find some more specific articles with emergency numbers, consulate contact information, suggestions for your holidays in Tuscany and useful maps that should help you get a better idea of what Tuscany looks like and point out several characteristics and points of interest.

You'll love reading about...

17 Things to Know Before Coming to Tuscany (and Italy)

Planning your first vacation to Italy and Tuscany? Read our top tips on things to know before you come to Italy!

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What to Know Before you Arrive

Planning your trip abroad includes getting not only the lay of the landscape, towns, museums and events but also understanding the local culture, money, driving and general do's & don'ts.  Read here for some handy pointers while exploring Tuscany (and Italy)

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The Italian Calendar: National Holidays

Be Prepared.  Learn about the national holidays in Italy to avoid any conflicts while planning your trip in Tuscany.  Find out how these holidays might affect your organization & day trips outside of Florence.

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Driving in Tuscany: Tips to Know Before Driving in Italy

Tips and suggestions to help prepare for moving around Tuscany by car and to make driving in Tuscany more simple by knowing ahead of time what to expect.

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The Souvenir you DON’T want from Tuscany

It is, unfortunately, quite common to get a fine, especially parking related, while visiting the small towns in Tuscany. If you thought that traffic wardens in Italy are “relaxed” and kind to tourists, you better read this.

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Flying into Tuscany: Pisa and Florence

Information on Tuscany's two main airports, the Galileo airport in Pisa and the Peretola/Vespucci airport in Florence, and tips on how to move to other parts of Tuscany from there.

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Fun Practical Information

Slide right into having fun while exploring Tuscany and its cities by knowing just a bit about the everyday culture.  Insider tips on figuring out the do's and don'ts while traveling. 

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Practical Information to Keep on Hand

Here is a list you can print and carry with you with practical information to keep handy, such as emergency numbers, a list of Italian national holidays, local tourism offices and much more. The list can be useful to have on hand while visiting Tuscany.

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The Best Base in Tuscany: Where to Stay in Tuscany

Wondering where the best area you should stay in Tuscany? Here are our recommendations!

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Best Base in Tuscany with no Car

Where should you stay in Tuscany if you don't plan to drive, and depend solely on buses and trains to move around Tuscany? Read our tips and suggestions to find the best base and make the most of your time in Tuscany even without a car.

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Visiting Tuscany in the Low Season

When is the low season in Tuscany? What are the pros and cons of coming during this period? Is everything open? If you're asking yourself any of these questions in deciding when is the best time to visit Tuscany, make sure to read this!

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