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Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Discover the Flavors in the Tuscan Vineyards

all of Tuscany has something special to offer

Tuscany provides several wonderful opportunities to discover why its wines are so good - through organized wine tours, cooking lessons, wine tasting and wine cellar tours. The true beauty is you can discover Tuscany and its wines on your own, wandering the many zones in the four corners of the region, to find the mix of grapes, the style of vinification or even just the “look” of the wine that best suits your taste buds.

Undoubtedly, Chianti classico and the neighboring area of Chianti, just south of Florence, is one of the best known valleys and wine producing areas. Offering a wide selection of labels, production styles and recipes that exalt the Sangiovese grape which date all the way back to 1716 and beyond.

But the choices expand from here to include other zones in the south which are just as noteworthy for their award winning fragrance, colors and above all their flavour. Just think of Brunello around the small hamlet of Montalcino, a rich full-bodied wine with a distinct personality and longevity. Further east, one enters into the zone of Vino Nobile, which is produced near Montepulciano. The Orcia DOC, the newest addition to a long list of spectacular flavors, is nestled between the two above mentioned greats, working on establishing a reputation.

And it doesn’t stop here, travel the full length of Tuscany north to south, east to west and you will meet with several variations on a theme, where grapes are the theme and the variations include the wines of Morellino Scansano, Lucca and Montecarlo, Cortona and even along the coast in the area of Bolgheri. Many of these areas are well organized with itineraries mixing traditional flavors and wines with the "Strada del vino".

Browse our articles below for some helpful ideas when planning your wine tasting itinerary while visiting Tuscany.

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Viticcio: The Passion Behind a Chianti Classico Vineyard

Excellent wines start from the ground up! A visit to the Viticcio vineyards, within walking distance of Greve in Chianti, will charm you with their family run operation and tease your taste buds with their award winning vintages. Read and then book your wine tasting tour.

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Visit Dianella's Wine Cellar and Taste its Wines

The wine cellar at Dianella Wine Resort is simply spectacular! Enjoy a private visit to the wine cellars, with tastings of its wines and local specialties right after, as part of your itinerary in Tuscany.

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The Ultimate Chianti Wine Experience at La Lastra

The winery & olive groves of the organic farm La Lastra are within walking distance of the heart of Siena. Here, that you can indulge in the ultimate wine experience: tour the vineyards, then the wine cellar before indulging in a guided tasting of their organic wines before ending with a homemade Tuscan lunch. An interesting and fun experience to learn about life on a Tuscan wine estate.

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Wine Tastings and Winery Tours

Do you want to go wine tasting at Tuscan wineries without having to worry about driving? Then join a group tour! You get driven to local wineries, with wine cellar visits, lunch or dinner included and many more options. Take a look at the tours offered in partnership with Viator.

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Wine Tasting without Driving

No need to navigate the roads, find the address or worry about exceeding your limit.  It is easier than you think with lots of options throughout Chianti ... here are our suggestions for wine tasting without a car

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Wine & Dine in Florence

Time is limited but you are passionate about Tuscany and Italian wines? Try combining dinner with a wide selection of lables from the region.  Here is a review of one of our favorite Florentine options to good food with authentic recipes and a wine list that includes big and small vineyards.

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Montalcino: A Brunello Wine Tasting Itinerary

The zone for Brunello wine is concentrated in an area around Montalcino, filled with small towns, magical landscapes and vineyards of all sizes. Browse our list of vineyards and add some of our top choices to your wine tasting itinerary in Montalcino.

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Wine Tasting in Chianti

Do we really need to say that if you're in the wine region of Chianti, you should do some wine tastings? Thought not, but how, you ask? DIY? What if you don't want to drive? How about joining a tour or getting a private driver? Check our suggestions for planning a wine-based itinerary & wine tastings in the Chianti wine region.

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Tuscany in a Day: See Siena, San Gimignano and Chianti

One of the best ways to see the top sights out of Florence is to go on a group guided tour which will take you by bus to the top sights: this one takes you to Siena, San Gimignano and Chianti, with a last stop at a winery for a tour and wine tasting before heading back to Florence.

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Pointers for Taking Wine Home

There is always them temptation to bring home a few bottles of wine, but the question is: do you pack it in your suitcase, ship it back or wait and buy it duty-free? Read on to find out the best way to get your favorite wines home safe & sound...

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Strada del Vino, olio and sapori

Strada del Vino is a collection of wine producers highlighting the unique flavors of Tuscany. Follow select itineraries featuring wine, olive oil & quality products such as cheese, chestnuts, honey, and even traditional recipes.  Read here about these popular wine roads around Tuscany.

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Montepulciano: Vino Nobile Wine Tasting Itinerary

When you find yourself touring the area of Montepulciano, you will have to find time to visit the vineyards and cantinas of some of Tuscany’s oldest winemakers: Vino Nobile. Suggestions from the DiscoverTuscany Team for creating your own wine tasting Itinerary in & around Montepulciano.

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Val d’Orcia: A DOC Wine Tasting Itinerary

The UNESCO World Heritage territory of Val d’Orcia is one of the magical places to explore while on vacation in Tuscany. The landscapes, with its small picturesque towns and rolling hills, call to you, as well as the delicious wines created in the area! Check our list of wineries to add to your wine tasting itinerary in the area.

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Arezzo: Wine Tasting in & around the city

Just south of Florence and east of Siena, the fertile lands of Arezzo provide the exploring tourist several opportunities to taste a type of Chianti dedicated to the discovery of old techniques and new flavours

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Chianti: Wine tasting Ideas

Get your glasses ready for the heady perfume of Chianti Classico!  Check out our recommendations for where to go and taste a wide range of variety of wines, tour historic cantinas and have a lot of fun!

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Pecorino & Cheese in Tuscany: Buying, Tasting & Bringing It Home

When in Tuscany it is nearly impossible to not taste the delicious and signature cheeses that grace its culinary halls, and that means Pecorino Want to taste some of the best and maybe take it home with you? Read here for where you need to go.

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Lunigiana: Strada del vino e Sapori

This northern corner of Tuscany, close to the coast & Cinque Terre, promises a kitchen full of special dishes & wines to savour. Between the recipes protected by SlowFood and the wines with DOC & IGT denominations, you can be sure to find something you will like!

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Wine Tasting Along the Coast of Tuscany

Prefer the sandy beaches of Tuscany yet don’t want to miss out on the fantastic opportunity to do some local wine tasting? We have compiled a quick guide to help you select wine cellars for tours & tastings along the coast.

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