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Studying in Tuscany

It is often said that "in life you never stop learning" and we'd like to add that thankfully it is so. At any age, it is a beautiful to study, discovering new things and enlarging one's own interests. In Tuscany, all of this is possible.

Tuscany offers excellent opportunities for both the young and adults that wish to take just one course, obtain a master's degree or just a few lessons in the region.

Why study in Tuscany?
First of all, because Tuscany is home to several prestigious universities as well as excellent institutes and schools where it is possible to study all manner of areas and for various periods of time. What's more, there are numerous things to see across entire region and attending a course in Tuscany offers the chance to discover them, thus combining study with history, art, nature, fun and much more.
In Tuscany you can study both Italian culture and the Italian language, attend fashion design and marketing courses, take Italian and Tuscan cooking classes or a history or art class.

Whether you're planning a complete study travel experience in Tuscany or whether you wish to enrich your vacation in Tuscany with a short course or lesson, we're certain you'll find the right class for you. Do not hesitate any further and select the class in Tuscany that best fits your interests!

Studying in Tuscany

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