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The beautiful valley of Garfagnana


Garfgnana is a beautiful area in northwestern Tuscany, in the province of and to the north of the city of Lucca. It confines with the areas known as Lunigiana, Lucchesia and Versilia, to name just some of the better known areas.

The Garfagnana is crossed in its entirety by the Serchio River, which contributes to the lush green valleys you’ll get to experience here. These set the harmonious contrast with the wild mountains that surround the area: to the east/northeast, the Apennines and to the west, the Apuan Alps. These offer visitors plenty of choices among outdoor activities: hiking, walking and mountain biking, in addition to spending time visiting the many enchanting and charming villages and other attractions found in the area. From Castelnuovo Garfagnana to Barga, from the Wind Cave (the Grotta del Vento) to the legendary Devil’s Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano to the ghost town of Vagli di Sotto, there are many places and picturesque villages waiting to to be discovered during your time in the Garfagnana valley in Tuscany.

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Barga, the Adoptive Town of Giovanni Pascoli

Barga is a hilltop town in the Garfagnana valley in northwestern Tuscany which offers many historical and artistic buildings to visit. Stroll along its quaint streets to discover the wonderful San Cristoforo Cathedral and the Teatro dei Differenti.

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Take a Road Trip in the Garfagnana

Looking to explore the area outside of Lucca? Heading over to the Cinque Terre and searching for another route to see more of Tuscany? Follow our itinerary for ideas on how to best explore the spectacular scenery in the Garfagnana: discover its castles, its medieval bridges & its history.

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Top 5 Activities in Tuscany this Fall

Tuscany is unique and special in the months of September, October and November.  This is the time to enjoy discovering Autumn flavors, colors and activities with the crisp temps, shorter days and the harvest of a prosperous summer.  Read our suggestions of things to do while in Tuscany during the months of fall.

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Autumn Colors in Tuscany

Go beyond the art, the culture and the classic landscape of Tuscany and delight in the spectacular colors of fall. The brisk temperatures bring not only a richness in the flavours that invade the menus but also a kaleidoscope of falling leaves in dazzling shades of yellow, red and orange which can be best appreciated up close.

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How to get to Barga

Practical information on how to reach the quaint medieval town of Barga in the Garfagnana area, whether you have your own car or a rental one, or you prefer to travel by public means like bus and train.

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Traditional Tuscan Recipes using Potatoes

Grown in the hills, the potato staved offer hunger for generations producing some of the most famous Tuscan recipes: tortelli, potatoes with rosemary, bread and even beer & sausage! Come with us and explore Tuscany through the wonderful flavors potato

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Hiking to Monteforato in Garfagnana

A day hike to Monte Forato, the mountain with the "hole" located in the Garfagnana area of Tuscany, on the southern edge of the Apuan Alps park.

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Discover the Antro del Corchia in Tuscany's Alps

Did you know that in Tuscany you can visit a world of mostly unexplored underground caverns? They are within the Antro del Corchia, in the Upper Versilia within the Park of the Apuan Alps. Discover with us its secrets!

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The Grotta del Vento or Wind Cave under the Apuan Alps

The Grotta del Vento, or Wind Cave, offers the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of underground caverns and the increadible creations made by water droplets in thousands of years.

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This land, found in the northernmost corner of Tuscany, is only a short distance from Cinque Terre.  Not to be missed for its unique flavors, incredible landscapes, castles, churches & history. The perfect combination of mountains, beaches, wine & Italian culture for some searching for an authentic Tuscan vacation.

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