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What's on in Tuscany this October

October means the flavors of fall

If you happen to be in Tuscany during this month, you'll have a wide selection of events and manifestations dedicated to some of the most traditional products in Tuscany, from chestnuts to mushrooms to truffles. October is dedicated to spending time in the woods: in particular, Casentino, Mugello, and Mount Amiata which are the areas where varieties of chestnuts grow abundantly - they have even gained the important IGP quality designation.

But that is only the beginning! The harvest of the olives begins, as well as the first pressing that leads to our renown extra virgin olive oil. It's also grape harvesting time (although sometimes it starts earlier in September), and many people eagerly await the novello wines (which literally means the season's newly made wine).

You might even find yourself interested in one of the many excellent Exhibits. Traveling to Florence while visiting Tuscany? Remember to check out the calendar for Florence and the many select events that happen in this great city.

October Events:  Grape Harvest & the Vendemmia

Author's Note: This article was last updated on October 20, 2019, to make sure we’re giving you up-to-date info, if the dates have not yet been announced then we indicate TBA (to be announced). We encourage you to always double-check the links above in case the dates have been modified.< And if you haven’t found what you are looking for write us on the Forum.



repeating every year in the same period

Tuscany | #DomenicalMuseo | 1° Sunday in October

A standing appointment every month

How about enjoying a bit of art, history, and culture on a Sunday? How about enjoying it with free admission? Then mark the first Sunday of the month on your calendar and make note of the following State museums (and archaeological areas) across Tuscany where you can take advantage of the free entrance.

See a List of State Museums in Tuscany

Arezzo | FIERA ANTIQUARIA | Oct 5 & 7

The oldest and the biggest antique fair

Many years ago, Ivan Bruschi gave life to one of the oldest and biggest antique fairs in Tuscany...maybe even all of Italy. He transformed his love for the old, unique and precious into an event that fills the streets of Arezzo every first Sunday of the month and the Saturday that precedes it that month.

Official Site

Panzano in Chianti | APRILANTE | 1st Sunday in October

Handcrafts & Vintage

We know they call the fair "April"ante, but it really goes all year round! This monthly market in the streets of this charming town in Chianti is where you will find handcrafts, vintage and delicious typical foods and all of it this is just outside in the countryside surrounding Florence.

Official link

Markets in and Around Florence March 2019

Corazzano | FIERA MERCATO DEL TARTUFO BIANCO | 1° weekend of October

International Market and Fair of the White Truffle

One of the most important and prestigious events taking place in the province of Pisa is the International Market and Fair of the White Truffle at Corazzano (a suburb of San Miniato). San Miniato is the most important town for truffles and you'll have the chance to taste and buy one the most prestigious food products.

Montescudaio | FESTA DEL VINO DOC | 1° weekend of October

51st Edition: DOC wine festival

14 small jewels (wine producers) nestled in the Tuscan landscape characterized by its closeness to the sea produce a DOC which includes a territory in all of the commune of the Val di Cecina, except for Volterra. This year they celebrate 51 years of DOC nomination at their wine festival.

More Information

Events in Montescudaio for October 2019 :: Discover Tuscany Events Calendar

Camigliano | TIRO DELLA DRUZZOLA & SAGRA DEL GALLETTO | 1° Sunday of October

antique games near Montalcino

A game that has its origins in the 1600s: a small olive wood disc with a ring of iron around the edges, wrapped with a cord and "thrown" - the longest throw wins. Mix fun and games with fire-roasted chicken and the delicious wines of Montalcino for the perfect combination.

More Information

October Events: Druzzola

Arcidosso | LA CASTAGNA IN FESTA | 2nd & last week of October

IGP Registered Chestnuts

A celebration of the Castagna del Monte Amiata, a fruit that has been awarded the IGP trademark. During the feast days, the medieval hamlet of Arcidosso will open its wineries to the public, within which tastings, lunches, and dinners can be found with typical dishes of the area, some of which are made of chestnuts

Barga | MERCATINO ANTIQUARIATO | 2nd weekend of the month

head into the Garfagnana

It's not all about the food, in fact just north of Lucca in the area known as the Garfagnana you will find fall colors, flavors and an antique fair that merits a visit. This is the perfect time to plan a drive in the hills and mountains in north Tuscany where local traditions and customs come alive again.

Monticello Amiata | FESTA DELLA CASTAGNA | 2° weekend in October

following the road of the chestnut

7, 8 & 9 October you will find the traditional festival of the chestnut with tastings, music, markets, guide tours of the "Via della Castagna" and the "Tegliate" which are large pans which you will find positioned throughout the town where you can cook the chestnuts.

More Information

Balconevisi | PALIO DEL PAPERO | 2nd weekend in October

the loser ends up in the pot

It began as a lark 34 years ago, when an improvised race between ducks was set up in the city streets...what started as fun and games has now become a chance to uphold the honor of the different areas of this small city at the foot of San Miniato. Fun and games are always combined with a hearty menu...but the loser needs to beware - his (or her) photo is taken in the pot...over a flame!

More Information

Abbadia San Salvatore | FESTA D'AUTUNNO | 2° & 3° weekend of October

festival of Autumn

A celebration of a time when the nearby Monte Amiata provided all that was required to survive the year. The festival celebrates the harvest and the recreation of antique recipes using the flavors of the season.

Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina | CASTAGNALANDIA | 3° weekend of October

Every year they change the theme but to be honest, and it is always something fun and new to discover. But one thing is always the same: the protagonist is the chestnut, a typical product of this territory but also traditions, foods and games from important moments throughout history, like the Union of Italy, the 1600's and even the Medieval period.

More Information

Balconevisi | SAGRA DEL TARTUFO BIANCO E DEL FUNGO | 3rd weekend in October

Since the people of this small town saw the success of San Miniato, and since many of the truffles that end up at that fair actually come from their borders, decided to celebrate the tastes of fall with many food events to chestnuts, wine, mushrooms, and truffles.

Caprese Michelangelo | FESTA DELLA CASTAGNA | 3° & 4° weekend in October

in celebration of the chestnuts

In the birthplace of Michelangelo, the famous artist is also home to some of the most delicious chestnuts. The first chestnuts were planted by the monks in the medieval times, and for centuries this tree and its fruit feed the inhabitants of this small town between Arezzo and Florence from starvation which often threatened this mountain town in the harsh winters.


Greve in Chianti | IL PAGLIAIO | Every 4th Sunday of October

Organic and Artisan Market

Piazza Matteotti is filled with locals who feature goods from their gardens, their kitchens, and their workshops. Often you will find not only great bargains but music and opportunities to do some taste testing.

Facebook Page

October Events: Palio in Volterra

Volterra | PALIO DEI CACI | 2nd to the last Sunday of October

mixing food and fun

During the Palio dei Caci (a sort of "cheese competition"), participants of each contrada (district of the city) will roll a wheel, which represents a form of cheese through the small streets of the city center. A silly game - but a serious skill! One that will have you cheer and laughing along with the locals. The entire town comes out to cheer their district in this competition and to see who is the fastest in this antique game of skill.

Campiglia d'Orcia | FESTA DEL MARRONE | last Sunday of October

not just chestnuts

The town of Campiglia, in order to preserve their own special personality and history celebrate not only the chestnut, or "marrone", in its many forms but the "rioni" or town sections (called Agitati, Dentro and Borgassero) decorate the city streets with a theme adding color and fantasy to this festival.

More Information

Events in Campigia d’Orcia for October 2019 :: Discover Tuscany Events Calendar


chestnuts, truffles and new wine

The name is a mouthful, but so are the flavors! Dedicated to the full range of fall perfumes, colors, and foods. Palaia in the province of Pisa and near the enticing town of San Miniato will feature chestnuts, white truffles, and Vin Novo.



you don't want to miss

Gaiole in Chianti | L'EROICA | Oct 6

Vintage bike race in the Chianti countryside

L 'Eroica started in 1997 because of one man, Giancarlo Brocci, who admired the values of a past cycling so much that he wanted to reconnect others to the heritage that inspired much Italian history, literature, culture, and music. L 'Eroica is a non-competitive cycling event which is inspired by historical cycling traditions. The route includes long segments of gravel roads in the stunning landscape of Chianti. Participation in L 'Eroica is dedicated to cyclists dressed in vintage or vintage-inspired cycling gear, riding historical or vintage-style bikes

Official Website

Events in Chianti for October 2019 :: Discover Tuscany Events Calendar

Cinigiano | FESTA DELL'UVA | Oct 4 -6

A Wine Carnival in October?

50 years strong in 2019!! The townspeople of Cinigiano in Grosseto borrowed the idea of the floats from Viareggio and made them the protagonist of their festival in honor of the grape, the true diva of the territory. This year will also be the 1° Motoraduno VININMOTO, a rally discovering "a territory between the sea and the mountain".
Official Website

October Events: Cinigiano Carnival


first press olive oil

Garfagnana celebrates the arrival of the season with many festivals dedicated to chestnuts and to the new season's wine, especially in the little hamlet of Cascio in the comune of Molazzana on the 8th from 12:30 till 6:30 pm. What you really must see to believe: the fountain of the town, for the celebrations, spews wine instead of water! Wine is the perfect complement to taste the many local traditional delicacies!

Official Website

Marradi | SAGRA DELLE CASTAGNE | Oct 6, 13, 20 & 27

celebrating the chestnut harvest

A true celebration of all the flavors of the "marroni di Marradi", with food stands offer the traditional recipes such as tortelli di marroni (chestnut pasta), torta di marroni (chestnut cake), il castagnaccio (chestnut dessert), jams and marmalades with chestnuts, marrons glacés7, i bruciati or caldarroste (roasted chestnuts). You can even reach Marradi on a steam engine. leaving from Pistoia, which stops in Florence and several other locations before arriving at the chestnut sagra.

October Events: Marradi Chestnut Festival

Arezzo | MERCATO INTERNAZIONALE | Oct 11 -12 - 13

a three km of streets with stands & tastings

For most of us, traveling around the entire world might be a dream difficult to achieve, but the Markets around the World along the streets of Arezzo can let you do so in a virtual way! Explore some of the most distant corners of the planet and off-the-beaten-paths through food delicacies and handicraft specialties from many countries. Let yourself be carried away by the aroma of faraway places in what we'd love to be our "80 days around the world" journey.

Facebook Event

Camaiore | FESTA PIC | Oct 12 - 13

and some like it hot

PIC stands for Piccante - or spicy hot. The city center of Camaiore on the coast of Tuscany is for all those who like it hot, "peperoncino" hot. An exhibition featuring many different varieties from all over the world of chili peppers. In addition, you will find food, music, shows, and fun.

Official Site

October Events:  Festa of the Chili Pepper

Vergaio | PASSIONE D 'AUTUNNO | Oct 13

chocolate and chestnuts

Instead of celebrating the fruits of the season, this small town outside of Pratofocuses its attention on an ingredient that has no season, that tickles the appetite of children and grown-ups alike: chocolate. Come and check out handmade, artisan chocolate, in addition to other traditional local food products.

More Information

Events in Brunello for October 2019 :: Discover Tuscany Events Calendar

Montalcino | GRAN FONDO DEL BRUNELLO | Oct 13

biking your way through Val d'Orcia

Another winning mix, beautiful scenery, a quaint hamlet, great wine and biking - don't miss the fun and excitement in Val d'Orcia where the mountain bikes follow an itinerary on the panoramic roads and dirt paths in the valley.

More Information

Impruneta | FESTA DI SAN LUCA | Oct 12 - 20

the oldest livestock fairs in all of Europe

The fair of San Luca was first documented in the 1600's. Even in today's modern and hectic lifestyle, it remains an important moment, as seen by this quote:

The lives of the people of Impruneta revolved around ‘La Fiera' or ‘The Fair.' They lived their lives waiting for The Fair so that they could enjoy some honest and healthy fun; they would wait until The Fair to ask their Madonna for an indulgence; to take a spin on the Merry-Go-Round; to profess their love to their beloved or to buy a new umbrella. […]' Leo Codacci, from The Most Beautiful Town in the World or Il Paese più Bello del Mondo (Officine Grafiche, Firenze, 1968

Official Website: appears to be under construction at the moment

Pisa | TERRE DI PISA FOOD & WINE | October 18, 19 and 20

Not just Tuscan specialties, but direct from Pisa

The festival, dedicated to the good taste and the Pisan agri-food excellence, aims to promote and enhance the short supply chain, spread the culture of quality food and in particular the products of the territory through tasting moments, direct sales and education and awareness initiatives on proper nutrition.

Official Program


Festival of the new olive oil harvest

One of the first events of the year which highlight the new olive harvest, which is why they call it "Olio Novo". Not only can you arrive by traditional means (by car) but this event is also one of the itineraries on the steam engine calendar.

Bacchereto | CHESTNUT FESTIVAL | Oct 19 - 20 & 20-2167

More Info

Events in Arezzo for October 2019 :: Discover Tuscany Events Calendar


Be sure to check out the program, this event offers so much more than just a taste of delicious olive oil!. The fair-exhibition dedicated to areas new extra-virgin Olive Oil of the season will take place over the first weekend in November, from 10am to 9pm every day from Friday through Sunday. It will be a showcase of the area's olive oil, with tastings, tours and other events.

Full Program

Events in Arezzo for October 2019 :: Discover Tuscany Events Calendar

Arezzo | GOLD/MADE IN ITALY | Oct 26 - 28

all that glitters in Arezzo is probably gold

The city of Arezzo will be celebrating one of the most important "Made in Italy" products: the gold working tradition of the city at Gold Italy. A unique stage that presents the world with the creative innovation of 300 selected manufacturing companies from all the Italian gold districts: Arezzo, Vicenza, Valenza, Torre del Greco, Milan.

Check the program

Borgo a Mozzano | LA NOTTE NERA | Oct TBA

the best Halloween Event in Tuscany

Most eagerly-awaited Halloween Feast is at Borgo a Mozzano - where the legendary Ponte del Diavolo or Ponte della Maddalena is located. The mystery swirls around 4 Casts, 80 Families, 30 locations and you need to resolve it by search the answers in the city walls. This festival is so popular across the region that it always attracts thousands of people from everywhere in Tuscany. Plan to arrive a bit earlier in the afternoon, or you'll probably have trouble finding parking.

Official Website

Massa Marittima | GUSTATREKKING | Oct 27

Discover the Maremma through your 5 senses

Walking your way through colors, fragrances and the flavors of the land. The trail starting in Tatti near Massa Marittima will take you through the vineyards, fields, and forests throughout the Maremma where it will stop into the small town to celebrate the local festival and the new olive oil for 2019!

For More Info

Volterra | VOLTERRAGUSTO | Oct 26 - 27 & Nov 1 - 3

20th edition for the White Truffle

It will be a very special edition this year, organized by "ORIGINE TERRA" theme, with a calendar of initiatives that will allow visitors to mix tastes and tastings of local specialties and not just presented by producers - "diamond tip". With the possibility of discovering a unique architectural and cultural heritage, stretching for centuries between the Etruscan, Roman and medieval presence.

Official Site

Events in Volterra for October 2019 :: Discover Tuscany Events Calendar

Bagno Vignoni | CASTAGNATA D'AUTUNNO | Oct 27

chestnuts in Val d'Orcia

The charming town of Bagno Vignoni between Pienza and Montalcino features a lovely setting for taste testing chestnuts.

More Information

October Events:  First Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Orbetello | GUSTATUS | Oct 30 - Nov 3

perfume and flavours of the farming & lagoon traditions

The next edition of a festival that highlights the traditions of the Maremma and Tuscany in general. Passionate about their cuisine, Orbetello’s locals come together with restaurants and farmers to set up stalls that showcase the best food and wine grown and produced within the region, including the much-coveted spaghetti alla bottarga.

More Information

Lucca | COMICS & GAMES | Oct 30 - Nov 3

in Lucca it really is all fun & games

The Lucca Comics and Games International Convention is "THE" convention which celebrates cartoons and comics, with no limit on time or space. And don’t miss out on the exhibition which is from the 13 of October til the 3rd of November

Official Website

November Events: Lucca Comics

Anghiari | CENTOGUSTI DELL'APPENNINO | Oct 31 & Nov 1 - 3

the flavors and perfumes of the Valtiberina

This is a food festival dedicated to the local culinary delights, with the participation of some of the Tuscan "Slow Food" cities, such as Greve in Chianti. Wine and food tastings, culinary workshops, meetings, and practical demonstrations are aimed to entertain and offer a tasty three-days-of-food manifestation. And how could we not mention the annual “walk of the Hundred-Tastes”, which will take place on Sunday 04th November, with the outer walls as it’s starting point?

Official Website

Top events to visit in November around Tuscany

Author: Donna Scharnagl

It has been more than 25 years since I took my first steps in Italy and I still haven’t found a good reason to leave.  Between the food, the culture, the history, the art, the landscapes … did I mention the food? I have become a lifelong student. It didn't take long to learn that Italians all have stories that long to be told; stories that paint a picture of how hard work produces character, how life is made of ups and downs and how good it feels to laugh.


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