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Itineraries in Tuscany

Tuscany is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Thanks to its breathtaking panoramas, excellent wine and exquisite food, Tuscany is visited by millions of people every year.

There are so many things to see and to do that it can be a real challenge to plan your holidays in Tuscany. Here we recommend and suggest some of the places you absolutely must visit as well as itineraries organized by themes or by days, such as 7 days in Tuscany and what to see across the region. Thus you'll find some ideas or starting point when organizing your time and travels in Tuscany.

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See the Best of Tuscany in 7 Days

Tuscany is a region that offers a variety of things to see and to do, but mostly it is rich in history, beautiful landscapes and magnificent works of art. Whether this is your first time in Tuscany or not, give yourself 7 days to discover the best of Tuscany with our suggested itinerary.

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Florence in just 24 Hours

If you only have a day in Florence, or even less, here are our suggestions of the absolute must-see places you have to visit!

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An itinerary for an entire day in Pisa

An itinerary to discover Pisa and its marvellous artistic attractions: visit the Square of Miracles with its Leaning Tower and take a walk along the famous Lungarni, rich in shops and restaurants where you may taste typical local recipes. This visit to the enchanting marittime Republic will take you back in time and make you breathe a timeless atmosphere!

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A day in Siena

Siena strikes your heart from the first time you visit it, making you fall in love. Located in the heart of Tuscany, the city is easy to reach and is suitable for a day trip - although 24 hours or less is really not enough to see all that it offers! Here are some must-see spots we recommend to see in Siena if you only have a day, but if you have the time, spread them out over 2 days.

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Strada del Vino, olio and sapori

Strada del Vino is a collection of wine producers highlighting the unique flavors of Tuscany. Follow select itineraries featuring wine, olive oil & quality products such as cheese, chestnuts, honey, and even traditional recipes.  Read here about these popular wine roads around Tuscany.

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The Best of Florence in 2 Days

Florence offers many things to do and see! But if your time is limited, here are our suggestions for what you can see and do in 2 days, visiting the top sights in this beautiful Renaissance city.

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Hot Springs in Tuscany: Spas and Nature

Tuscany is like Alice's Wonderland: it never ceases to surprise, tourists and locals alike. Hot springs are a must to enjoy both Tuscany's beautiful landscapes as well as nearby cities, no matter what the weather might be like. Don't wait, and include a stop at one of Tuscany's many hot springs and spas this winter, sprimg, summer or fall!

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3 days in Tuscany

Looking for suggestions on what to see in Tuscany in just 3 days? Here you find suggestions on what you must see and do in Tuscany even if you have only 3 days to spend in Italy.

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A Quick Visit to Lucca: What to See in 1 Day

If you want to visit Lucca and don't have enough time to explore the whole city, have a look at these syuggestions for a 1 day itinerary around Lucca to visit its most popular attractions!

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Montalcino: A Brunello Wine Tasting Itinerary

The zone for Brunello wine is concentrated in an area around Montalcino, filled with small towns, magical landscapes and vineyards of all sizes. Browse our list of vineyards and add some of our top choices to your wine tasting itinerary in Montalcino.

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Via Francigena

The adventure of a lifetime, combine the slow and satisfying discovery of Tuscany through its beautiful back roads and trails while following in the footsteps of hundreds of years of history, architecture, culture and gastronomical specialities

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5 days in Tuscany

What can you see in just 5 days in Tuscany? Here are our suggestions for planning your 5 days to include the top destinations in Tuscany during your holiday.

Visiting Tuscany in five days

Discovering Chianti Classico: Vineyards, Landscapes & Towns

The Chianti Classico region offers visitors a large selection of activities. Medieval villages, castles and walled towns to be explored in the area between Florence and Siena. It also offers unforgettable flavors, delicious food and typical products to be enjoyed with a glass of Chianti wine.

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Take a Road Trip in the Garfagnana

Looking to explore the area outside of Lucca? Heading over to the Cinque Terre and searching for another route to see more of Tuscany? Follow our itinerary for ideas on how to best explore the spectacular scenery in the Garfagnana: discover its castles, its medieval bridges & its history.

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What to see and do in Arezzo in a day

Take a day and tour the city of Arezzo where history, art and good food mix and mingle on every street corner.  In the city of Arezzo, it is easy to navigate the city, museums & historical monuments for those with a passion for all things Tuscan.

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An Itinerary in the Casentino Valley in Tuscany

The history within the hills of Tuscany leaves traces in the form of castles, country towns, parish churches, & pilgrimages to a new spiritual reality. Follow the road from Florence to Casentino Valley & discover a Tuscany full of surprises.

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The Best Day trips from Siena (even without a car)

Are you looking for a day-trip out of Siena and are you travelling by public transport? Here we recommend you 12 great ideas and many useful info for discovering the marvellous surroundings of Siena and enjoying the authentic Tuscany.

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On the Trail of Piero della Francesca

The province of Arezzo, southeast of Florence and east of Siena, promises more than quaint medieval towns, great wines & fantastic landscapes. It is also the home to the newly re-discovered artist Piero della Francesca & his contribution to the world of art. Follow his colorful footsteps & discover his story on our itinerary.

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Itineraries in Mugello

Mugello has many things to see and to do, combining culture and nature perfectly. You can visit following a theme, such as the Medicean villas and musems or parks and natural reserves. Discover Mugello by bike, on foot or on horseback with suggested itineraries by the Mugello's official website.

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Villa Reale: Exploring the Royal Palace outside Lucca

Discover the amazing detail of the Villa Reale and its beautiful gardens in the countryside outside Lucca. Check out our mini-guide to exploring the highlights of Villa Reale's green paradise.

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Following Napoleone Bonaparte's footsteps on Elba

Napoleon Bonaparte spent only nine months in exile on the island of Elba, but his arrival marked the history of the island. Where did the Emperor live on the Island? Which are the so-called "Napoleonic places" on Elba? Follow our itinerary on the footsteps of Napoleon and find out!

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Medieval Castles in a Hidden Part of Tuscany

It is known that Tuscany is an incredible region to visit, but have you ever imagined reaching Switzerland by driving less than 60 km from Florence? Well, there is a little trick going on for more details!

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Setteponti: An Itinerary, Bridges, Vineyards & Small Towns in Valdarno

Connecting Florence and Arezzo, the via Setteponti is a charming itinerary by car, and especially by motorbike, which will delight all of your senses. The fragrances, views, and tranquility mixed with an authentic Tuscan menu and wines

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Steam Engine Trains in Tuscany

Discover Tuscany by traveling slowly on old steam engine trains. Visit Mugello and Valdorcia on board one of these romantic and historic forms of transportation.

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Based in Montecatini: Where to go for Day Trips

The central location of Montecatini lends itself to a variety of easy day trips ranging from culture stops to fabulous landscapes, from wine tasting to seaside adventures.  Our list inclueds trips you can make with or without a car, in 15 to 90 mintues.  Read here to plan your intinerary from Montecatini.

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The Gulf of Baratti, the Caribbean in Tuscany

Beautiful jewel of Tuscany, Baratti is a little gulf of the Tuscan coastline which holds natural and historical treasures and offers both tourists and abitués clear, Caribbean-like waters and a pine forest that reaches the beach, an untouched and still wild paradise.

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Visiting Elba: An Introduction

Learn a bit more about the Elba Island, with some short notes on its history, layout, beaches and most popular attractions - and most important of all - how to get there and enjoy it!

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Top 5 things to do in Spring in Tuscany

If you're planning a trip to Tuscany during Spring time, you'll find in this article our top five things to do: tips for appreciating the best of this region and enjoying this time of year, one of the best for travelling to Tuscany.

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