8 Days of Special Events during the Cultural and Environmental Heritage Week in Florence

In these days in Florence are taking place a lot of events dedicated to culture, quality of life and economy, organized during the Cultural and Environmental Heritage Week – Florence 2012 that lasts from November 3rd to November 11th.

Florence 2012 proposes a rich program full of meetings and events: conferences and keynotes with International speakers, but also music and art installations. The arguments are art, culture and handicraft in Florence, in Italy, but also in Europe.

Registration is needed to participate in some events, you can read all the details here.

If you are in Florence in the next few days, do not miss the fascinating art installations in Piazza San Giovanni and in Piazza Santa Croce and the exposition of the three Crucifixes in the Baptistery.

Piazza San Giovanni hosts the urban installation called “The olive garden“, made with 70 plants olive trees arranged in a checkerboard around the Baptistery.

In Piazza Santa Croce the artist Mimmo Paladino has set up a giant Cross by placing huge blocks of marble in the large square in front of the Church of Santa Croce.

Until Sunday 11th in the Baptistery of Florence you can see “Mysterium Crucis – The Mystery of the Cross“. This events consists in the exposition of three wonderful Crucifixes, one by Brunelleschi (from Santa Maria Novella Church), one by Donatello (from the Church of Santa Croce) and the other by Michelangelo (from the Basilica of the Holy Spirit ) which are exceptionally put together inside the Baptistery during the Cultural and Environmental Heritage Week.
It’s a unique opportunity that you really can’t miss!

For other details, visit the official website: Florence 2012.

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