Your Italian Vacation at a Villa in Tuscany

February 1, 2024

Start planning your vacation at a Tuscan villa! Looking for a gorgeous villa in the Tuscan countryside that will host up to 20 people, where you can have the property to yourself, enjoying spacious gardens and a swimming pool all to yourself? Then look no further as Villa Piaggia is the ideal villa for you…

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In Siena this second half of October

October 15, 2021

You have until November 2 to go see the exhibition dedicated to the commissions of Cardinal Antonio Casini, bishop of Siena between 1408 and 1426 inside the monumental complex of the Cathedral of Siena. The exhibition “Masaccio: Madonna del solletico : The inheritance of Cardinal Antonio Casini, Sienese prince of the Church” in fact delves…

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5 top destinations in Tuscany to visit during low season

February 5, 2018

Traveling in Tuscany is always a good idea and doing it in the low season, for example winter, also reserves various benefits to keep in mind. Concerning the climate, consider that temperatures are hardly too cold even in the “colder months”. Just plan on organizing a few break indoors, and you will be able to see and…

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Art Exhibits in Tuscany Closing Soon

December 23, 2017

UPDATED JANUARY 16, 2018 The region of Tuscany has an immense territory from which to draw upon when looking for exciting and interesting exhibitions and art shows. From gifted artists to magnificent marble, wood and stone sculptures, there are many ongoing events every year. However, like many good things, these shows eventually must come to an…

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3 Great Reasons to Visit Poggio a Caiano Now!

July 23, 2015

If you’re in Florence or Tuscany from now until October, I suggest you plan to include a visit to the Medici Villa at Poggio a Caiano, just 30 minutes from Florence. REASON #1: THE VILLA The very first reason why you should visit the villa is just because it is a Medici villa, one of…

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The Monteriggioni Medieval Festival

July 3, 2015

The small, medieval walled town of Monteriggioni near Siena every July organizes one of the best medieval fairs in all of Italy. We love traveling “back in time”, especially when it is in such a beautiful, and time appropriate, setting as is this small fortified village set upon a hill. Monteriggioni, di Torri si Incorona…

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Pavement in Duomo di Siena Completely Visible

August 16, 2014

The magnificent pavement of the Duomo in Siena will once again be completely uncovered from this Monday, August 18 through October 27th, 2014. Described by Vasari as the “most beautiful… grand and magnificent“, major sections of the marble pavement are usually covered to protect them from the feet of the numerous visitors and faithful that…

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Exploring the Origins of Wine

July 2, 2014

Do you love wine? Would you like to know more about its origins in Europe? A very interesting exhibit is currently hosted at the Palazzo Piccolomini in Pienza called VINUM NOSTRUM which explores the “art, science and myths of wine in ancient Mediterranean cultures” and brings to our attention the cultutal as well as religious…

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Pavement of Siena’s Cathedral is Completely Viewable Until October 27

July 18, 2013

The floor of the Cathedral of Siena, the “most beautiful…, grand and magnificent“, as defined by Vasari as he admired it, will be completely visible from August 18 to October 27, 2013. The floor of the cathedral is truly amazing and the possibility to admire it in all its glory is worth alone the trip…

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Duomo di Siena: Visit the Door to Heaven

April 17, 2013

As we mentioned in our recent post, the Duomo di Siena has opened up access to the higher levels of the cathedral to let visitors enjoy the cathedral and Siena from a new point of view. The entire area under the rooftop has undergone extensive renovations with an area set up shows tools used to…

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