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Pistoia: the city to visit in Tuscany in 2017

Pistoia: The 2017 Italian Capital of Culture

December 22, 2016

The city of Pistoia was awarded the prestige of Italian Capital of Culture for 2017. With a calendar packed full of theater, music, art, and activities, Pistoia is gearing up for a full year of cultural enrichment. The program includes renovating historic monuments to create space for exhibits and will be featuring events showcasing local, Italian and…

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The Tuscan Sun Festival 2012 this year in Florence!

June 5, 2012

This year in its tenth edition the prestigious Tuscan Sun Festival takes place between June 11-18th in Florence. Inaugurated in 2003, it is considered one of the most important cultural summer events in Tuscany. For the first time, it moves out of its original site in Cortona to Florence, the emblem of the Renaissance in…

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