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Carnival 2011 in Tuscany

February 18, 2011

Tuscany is preparing to celebrate the Carnival with many amusing events organized in next weeks in the main cities as well in the tiny villages of the region. From the great and famous Carnival parades in Viareggio to the events in smaller towns, such as the Carnival at Mugello in Dicomano or San Gimignano, there…

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Discovering Lunigiana

August 25, 2010

Even if we’ve been exploring Tuscany for years now, both for work and pleasure (overall for pleasure 😉 ), we still had never visited the area called Lunigiana at the very far northwestern edge of Tuscany. We set out to change this last week, taking a week’s vacation and staying near Aulla at the Convivium…

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Gallicano and Barga: two little towns worth visiting

July 26, 2008

Hi! Today we took some more time to visit Gallicano, which this morning was almost a Ghost city. The party after the Palio di San Jacopo went on till late in the night and most of the citizens of Gallicano were sleeping : ) We were pretty sleepy ourselves, but walked around Gallicano to take…

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Greetings! Today we are in Garfagnana, a wonderful green area in northern Tuscany near Lucca that we were planning to visit for some time now. Our plan is to stay three-four days and do some hiking (Garfagnana is one of the best places in Tuscany if you like to walk up mountains!) and visit some…

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