Author: Umberto

The Day After

August 17, 2009

photo by fairlybuoyant The Palio in Siena finally took place on Sunday as the sky was darkening at dusk. The evocative historical parade was followed by a long and complicated “mossa“, the time where the jockeys and horses are supposed to take their alloted order so that the race can be run. Over an hour…

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Palio di Siena: this Sunday August 16

August 13, 2009

Today, Thursday August 13 the only flower which grows on tufo, or tuff rock began to bloom: the Palio di Siena. This is an evergreen plant which blooms only twice a year, once being at the height of summer on the 16th of August for the feast of the Virgin Mary’s Assumption. The flower emanates an intoxicating, giddy…

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“Knick-knack” wins the Palio in Siena

August 21, 2008

photo by one from rm The Palio of the Assumption took place on the 16th of August in Siena’s Piazza del Campo as it does every year, but this particular edition truly showed its ancient, exciting roots more so than past races. It all began with the traditional Sienese way of sorting out who had…

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