Florence under the snow

Florence under the snow
Photo by Pierpaolo Putignano

On Saturday morning Florence woke up covered with a soft snow blanket. The night before it started snowing in Tuscany even at low altitude, whitening cities on flats as Florence.

Florence under the snow is certainly a rare sight that of course doesn’t happen every year. Probably Saturday’s snowfall would have pleasantly impressed several tourists, but it surprised much more Florentine people. Someone would have cheered, I think about children and teenagers as well would have joyed (maybe some of them stayed at home from school because of it!), instead someone else would have said Damn! thinking of driving around and maybe going to work, while others are almost “allergic” to snow and would not even have left home (I know some of them 🙂 ).
Anyway I think that it’s impossible not loving Florence under the snow: look at these beautiful pictures of Florence covered with snow (thanks to Pierpaolo that gave them to us!).

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