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In Spring 2012, a new railway company of high-speed trains called Italo by NTV started running in Italy, competing against the half privatized state railways Trenitalia.

Since the very beginning, Italo trains have been stopping in Florence and connecting it with several other Italian cities: Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome, Padua and Salerno. Just a few days ago, at the beginning of October NTV, launched a new service between Florence and Venice. So, if you’re planning to go to Venice by train from Florence (and vice versa), you have more offerings between Italo or Trenitalia trains.

We did a brief comparison between the rates of the two companies for the Florence-Venice line, taking as a reference the Trenitalia FrecciArgento trains (Inter-City (IC) trains also reach Venice and at lower costs but they are much slower).

Both companies declare the same estimated traveling time for the line Florence-Venice of 2 hours and 8 minutes.

Italo currently has 3 trains per day to/from Venice, which soon will become 5. The FrecciArgento are many more, one about every hour throughout the day.
The two companies are therefore solely competing on price:  Italo’s best price for a train ticket between Florence and Venice comes out at €21, the FrecciArgento fare is €29. Both are currently promotional fares and have some restrinctions (for example, tickets are non-refundable) and seats are limited (so try to book them as soon as possible).

Which is the best train?

It is difficult to make generalizations at this point about the best train to take since it all depends on your particular travel plans. I would suggest you visit the official websites of both companies and make a direct comparison of the timetables and fares for the day of your departure (both websites allow you to make search tickets by “best price” for each line).

As the new player in the market, Italo is frequently launching very good special offers to gain new clients, while on the other hand, Trenitalia is trying to remain competitive and match many of the deals.

Here is where you should go to start planning your trip:

Have a nice trip!

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