People Mover Pisa Airport Train Set to Open

The long-awaited new train shuttle connecting Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale is finally finished, the last tests have been carried out and the official inauguration is set for March 18, 2017!

The People Mover/Pisa Mover connects Pisa’s Galileo Galilei international airport with the main train station in Pisa, called Pisa Centrale, which then makes it easy for anyone to move about the rest of Tuscany, including getting to Florence.

The new train shuttle includes a mid-way stop at a new, 1.400 space parking lot on the Via Aurelia to encourage local residents as well as day visitors to park outside of the city and take the train shuttle into town.

This new parking lot is the main reason the new train shuttle was planned… and it will be perfect for anyone visiting Pisa for the day who doesn’t want to go anywhere the city’s limited traffic ZTL zone and risk getting fines. Parking in the city costs much more, so this new parking lot will be much more convenient price-wise.

The People Mover is a high-speed, fully automatic service and will depart from just outside the Arrival Passenger Terminal at Pisa airport. It will run every day from 6am to midnight at 5-8 min intervals and take less than 8 minutes to get between the airport and train station.

In the meantime, connection between Pisa Airport and Pisa Centrale railway station is still being provided by the PisaMover BUS service, which runs every day including Sundays and holidays at 10-minute intervals to carry passengers to and from the airport in 8 minutes.

The bus route runs from Via dell’Aeroporto to Via Montanelli, Via Sant’Agostino and Via Cappuccini before arriving at the Pisa Centrale railway station. The PisaMover bus stops at the station near Track 14 for easy access to the other tracks and the main station entrance. The new People Mover will arrive on track 14.

Cost of tickets from the airport is foreseen to be:
– Monday-Saturday: 2.70 euro one way
– Sunday and holidays: 1.20 euro one way

If you park at the new parking lot (with 1.400 spaces), both parking and shuttle are included in the ticket cost:
– Monday-Saturday: 2.50 euro for parking and round-trip shuttle
– Sunday and holidays: FREE!

So make a note in your itinerary and plan to use this new service both to get from the airport to Pisa and then on to Florence and other parts of Tuscany, as well as for day trips to Pisa where you can easily park and then head into town to visit the Leaning Tower!

Take a look at this virtual tour of the new shuttle:

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  • Victor Cachia

    I will be using the Pisa Mover from Pisa Airport to SMN Florence and back. Is this a one way ride or do I have to change tram at Via Aurelia ? Thanks

  • The Pisa Mover is just a connection between the airport and the Pisa Centrale so you have to change train there to keep on going to Florence’s SMN station. It should not be difficult but not great, considering you have suitcases with you.

  • Victor Cachia

    Ok thanks so much. Not carrying much by the way 🙂 only there for 3 days

  • Then it should work well! Enjoy your time in Florence 🙂

  • Dsa Family

    Hi has this train shuttle service launched and what is the return cost please. How do I also get details on the parking lot. Is it safe to park there and what are the costs please.Thanks

  • YES! You can see rates for the shuttle and for the parking, as well as hours, on the official site:

  • Lucy Lord

    I am going with my dad 9th July.
    We are flying I to Pisa and hoping to visit Pisa for the day then get the train to Florence where we will stay for 2 days.

    Feel v confused at whether to hire a car so I’m not going back and forth.

    Please could you help me plan a way to not use a car?

  • No need to rent a car if you’re visiting Pisa and Florence and using Florence as a base. All you need to do once you’re in Pisa:
    – take Pisa Mover shuttle to Pisa Centrale train station
    – deposit luggage there (there is a service at the station)
    – go visit Pisa and tower – you can walk there, it is maybe 15-20 min walk, Pisa is a small town
    – return to station, pick up luggage, head to Florence
    – visit Florence! 😀
    DONE! return to Pisa airport with train/PisaMover