There is always hope, even when you cannot leave home

There is always hope. Even though we are stuck at home, the streets are mostly deserted, we can still reach out to others.

Here are some pics of the main squares in Tuscany, from Pisa to Siena to Florence over the last few days.

Pisa, on March 9, compared to one year ago.

In Siena, the video of these contradaioli from the Oca contrada singing is making the rounds across the international media. Because each contrada/neighborhood has strong community ties, the neighbors all know each other. In this way, they give each other hope while everyone stays home.

These provide some haunting images, of how the Italy’s main attractions looked a year ago compared to this week, on The National from Ireland.

We wish we (Italy) had taken this more seriously as soon as the epidemic was discovered in Northern Italy. Many did not, otherwise it would not have spread across the country.

Even if your own country has not put in strict measures about social distancing, start preparing for it to arrive to your country and town.

No need to panic but do start stocking on groceries and think you might stay home isolated from others for at least 2-3 weeks, do it all on your own without the need to anyone tell you to do it. Call friends instead of hanging out. Enjoy spending time with your family, doing all the things around the house you’ve put off because of work. If you need to work, go out with some protection across your face — it is to keep you from touching your hands and mouth, more than for protection against germs floating around – and wash your hands constantly!

Right now is a waiting game. We have to wait and see, the numbers will keep increasing until they don’t, when all those that are already infected start showing signs of illness but those that are healthy have kept themselves apart and the virus no longer spreads.

Together, we can most definitely defeat this invisible threat that is shaking our world right now, but only if you do respect the experience that others like us are going through right now, maybe a week or 2 ahead of this virus arriving to you.

Stay safe and healthy!

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