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The Casentino Valley is rich with history, art, good food and outdoor activities. Lying approximately 50 km to the east of Florence, this isolated valley offers opportunities for visitors of all ages visiting castles, trekking through centuries-old forests, tasting authentic recipes and discovering many of the best kept secrets from locals. We invite you to come explore Casentino with us!

Some of the places to see include: the castles of Poppi, Romena and Porciano, the Franciscan sanctuary of La Verna, the monastery of Camaldoli, the zoo in Poppi and the small towns of Stia, Pratovecchio and Castel San Niccolò.

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  • An Introduction to Casentino

    An Introduction to Casentino

    The Casentino Valley, rich with history, art, good food and outdoor activities, is the ideal destination for a full immersion in Tuscany. Located approximately 50 km from the city center of Florence, this isolated valley offers opportunities for visitors of all ages: visit castles, trek age-old forests and taste authentic recipes.

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  • Poppi Castle in Tuscany is a Surprise

    Poppi Castle in Tuscany is a Surprise

    The Poppi Castle in Casentino Tuscany is the ideal place to visit for tourists of all ages. The castle offers intrigue, the opportunity for exploration and an ideal place to relax and enjoy the Tuscan culture, food and atmosphere.

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  • Castello di Romena

    Castello di Romena

    Not too far away from Florence is a valley filled with castles to explore. The Castello di Romena is one of the four picturesque structures located in the Casentino valley perfect for an afternoon of exploration, history and good times.

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  • Castello di Porciano

    Castello di Porciano

    The castle is a stunning backdrop to the quaint little town of Stia. It is possible to visit this privately owned tower castle and museum to get a glimpse of the history behind the Casentino valley, the noble Guidi family and the present owners.

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  • La Verna

    La Verna

    A virtual visit to the franciscan sanctuary of La Verna in Casentino where St. Francis of Assisi received the stigmata, a special spot for spiritural retreats surrounded by nature.

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  • Poppi Zoo Park for European Fauna

    Poppi Zoo Park for European Fauna

    Visit this one of a kind zoological park that allows you to see local Tuscan and European creatures up close, all just as beautiful or more so than the exotic species found in most zoos. See the lynx, the timid badger, wolves and eagles.

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