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Great Tuscans

Great Tuscans

Tuscany is famous all around the world for its colors, tastes and smells. It offers many things to see, to do and to taste. But overall it offers the masterpieces of many illustrious figures that made Tuscany what it is today. Explorers, writers, all kind of artists famous worldwide: Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Simone Martini just to name a few. But also Galileo Galilei, Antonio Meucci, Giacomo Puccini, Giovanni da Verrazzano. A long list of great Tuscans to be discovered.

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Giotto is one of the most important artists in art history. Apprentice of Cimabue, he started a new style in painting, being followed by Renaissance artists. Many of his artworks are in Florence such as the beautiful Madonna di Ognissanti at the Uffizi Gallery.

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Arnolfo di Cambio

Arnolfo di Cambio is one of the most important Tuscan and Italian artists, who lived between 13th and 14th century. He was an innovative architect and sculptor, whose works laid the foundation for the Renaissance. His most famous work was the lost facade of Florence Cathedral.

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Famous painter of the 13th century, Cimabue works alongside the most famous Tuscan artists. Some of his masterpieces are displayed in the most famous art cities of Tuscany, such as Florence, Pisa and Arezzo.

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House of Lorraine

The Lorraine clan has been one of the most important families in Tuscany. They ruled the Grand Duchy of Tuscany from 18th century to 1860. There are many evidences and artworks that prove the glorious past of Lorraine family in Tuscany.

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Giovanni Fattori

Giovanni Fattori is a famous Tuscan painter of 19th century. He was the leading figure of Macchiaioli and extremely appreciated for his Tuscany landscapes and beautiful portraits.

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