Enjoy living a day back in Medieval times

dueling in the streets of Volterra

This Sunday August 17 and next Sunday August 24 in Volterra enjoy a recreation of a medieval town with craftsmen, musicians, jugglers, and people dressed in period clothing as either common people or noblemen. This year the festival takes place inside the city walls in the park by the fort that affords more space than the past editions held in just the central streets around Piazza dei Priori.

We went last year and had a lot of fun viewing soldiers joust in the piazza and jugglers entertain the crowds, watch the flag throwers performing in Piazza dei Priori, throwing and catching and waving their flags. The streets had craftsmen working their trade such as blacksmiths and coin engravers, wood carvers and women making wool yarn. This year there will also be a bowmen competition on the 24th. The setting in Volterra’s medieval streets is perfect for such a festival, since it really seems like one has stepped back in time.

For more information and a map and program, visit the Volterra AD 1398 site. Hope you enjoy the day, we’re planning on attending again this year!

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