Grand Cloister in Santa Maria Novella Opens in 2014

As we loved our visit to the Great Cloister of Santa Maria Novella a few months ago (you can read more about it here), I write today to let you know that the special openings for the cloister continue in 2014! Not normally open to the public (as it is a school for the Carabinieri), so take advantage if you’re in the area or visiting Santa Maria Novella on one of these dates. Just make a mental note to continue on and visit this beautiful cloister whose four loggias are completely and beautifully frescoed.

Here are the dates for 2014:

Wednesday. 1 January 1-5pm
Sunday 5 January 1-5pm
Monday 6 January (Cavalcade of the Magi) 1-5pm
Sunday 12 January (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm

Sunday 2 February (Candlemas) 1-5pm
Sunday 9 February (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Tuesday 18 February (Remembrance of the Palatine Electress) 9am-5:30pm

Saturday 8 March (International Womens Day) 9am-5pm
Sunday 9 March (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Tuesday 25 March (Florentine New Year) 9am-5:30pm

Sunday 13 April (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Sunday 20 April (Easter, Scoppio del Carro) 1-5pm
Monday 21 April (Easter Monday) 9am-5:30pm

Thursday 1 May (May Day, Marzocco Trophee) 9am-5:30pm
Sunday 11 May (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Friday 23 May (La Fiorita) 11am-5:30pm

Sunday 8 June (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Tuesday 24 June (St. John the Baptists, Florence’s Feast Day) 9am-5:30pm

Saturday 5 July 9am-5pm
Sunday 6 July 12-5pm
Saturday 12 July 9am-5pm
Sunday 13 July 12-5pm
Saturday 19 July 9am-5pm
Sunday 20 July12-5pm
Saturday 26 July (Feast of St. Anne) 9am-5pm
Sunday 27 July 12-5pm

Saturday 2 August 9am-5pm
Sunday 3 August 12-5pm
Saturday 9 August 9am-5pm
Sunday 10 August (St. Lawrence) 12-5pm
Friday 15 August (Ferragosto) 12-17
Saturday 16 August 9am-5pm
Sunday 17 August 12-5pm
Saturday 23 August 9am-5pm
Sunday 24 August 12-5pm
Saturday 30 August 9am-5pm

Sunday 1 September 12-5pm
Saturday 6 September 9am-5pm
Sunday 7 September (Rificolona) 12-5pm
Sunday 14 September (Domenica del Fiorentino) 12-5pm
Sunday 28 September (Bacco Artigiano) 12-5pm

Wednesday 8 October (Santa Reparata) 9am-5:30pm
Sunday 12 October (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Friday 31 October (All saints day) 11am-5pm

Saturday 1 November 1-5pm
Sunday 2 November 1-5pm
Sunday 9 November (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Sunday 30 November (Festival of Tuscany) 1-5pm

Sunday 7 December 1-5pm
Monday 8 December (Immaculate Conception) 1-5pm
Sunday 14 December (Domenica del Fiorentino) 1-5pm
Saturday 21 December (commemoration of Ugo di Toscana) 9am-5pm
Sunday 22 December 1-5pm
Wednesday 24 (Eve) 9am-5:30pm
Thursday 25 (Christmas) 1-5pm
Friday 26 (St. Stephen) 9am-5:30pm
Saturday 27 9am-5pm
Sunday 28 1-5pm
Wednesday 31 (New Year’s Eve/Saint Silvester’s feast day) 9am-5pm

About Lourdes Flores

An American living in Florence for over 10 years, Lourdes continues to explore and discover new places in Tuscany with the eyes of a tourist but with the experience of living in Italy. She shares her experiences on this blog and website, particularly offering lots of travel planning help on the Forum!